Where Oh Where did that marker go?

south border Pete
Pete clearing the south border

As this project gets more and more INTERESTING we are finding that not all survey markers are created equal.

Getting Fit

It must be time for our legs to get into hiking shape. After the intense medical stuff last year for me, this type of work seems really challenging to me. We used our GPS and phone apps as we clamored over boulders and through brush trying to find the forth little metal stake.  Chain saw in hand. But, we encountered problems with the trees blocking access to the satellites. Where is that fourth marker?

Multiple days of sweating were followed by us calling our neighbor to  help us locate our shared marker. He walked us right to it, leaving both of us feeling quite stupid right then.

As you can see, this marker was a unique hidden little bugger. What does a land surveyor do when he can’t find any ground to plant a stake in. Why, of course he puts a small nail in the boulder formation, then marks it with a piece of rebar at the base of the rocks. Um Huh. Unfortunately, over the years layers of moss and forest debris accumulate on the boulder making it virtually impossible to see the little nail in the rock.

I’ll be sure to get a picture of that little bugger for the next post.

Author: artist

An artist with realistically surreal colorful style in the Inland Pacific Northwest, Valerie Woelk.

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