Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes…

large tomatoes
large tomatoes
big tomatoes
tomatoes bigger than your hand

Big Guys

Our largest tomatoes are bigger than two hands held up to them.

tables of tomatoes
three tables of tomatoes

Tomatoes ripen quickly laid out on three tables downstairs. Every 2-3 days I am sorting through them all, looking for the ripe ones and canning them.

Looks like only 1-2 more batches and I will be done with making tomato sauce for this year. This is what a typical batch looks like this year.


Some people think we are kind of crazy to go to all this work when we can just buy tomato sauce, salsa and tomato paste at the store.

But…. what can I say.

Our garden produce tastes so much better than store bought. Hmmmm. It is worth the work. Besides what would we do all summer long if we didn’t have a massive garden to tend? Absolute chaos would ensue I am sure.

Our days are getting chilly outside and there is even a hint of white powder falling from the sky. Ski season in on it’s way. Lou, Lou Skip to My Lou….

Author: artist

An artist with realistically surreal colorful style in the Inland Pacific Northwest, Valerie Woelk.

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