Renovating My Old Studio

Old Studio Reno 01In preparation for the zombie apocalypse, Pete and I are renovating my old studio into a more secure storage shed. It is the white building next to the garden down the hill from our house.

Spring MudJust to make things more interesting, spring conditions are in full effect requiring the use of mud boots for walking outside. You can be walking along real normal and suddenly sink into clay up to your ankle. There is a real art to coaxing your boot back up out of the mud without loosing your balance.

Old Studio Reno 08This structure was a 16′ x 8′ addition that sat against the old mobile home back door. When we moved into our new home and took the old mobile down, this structure was left missing a wall. So, as a temporary measure we covered the stud frame with plastic to protect it from the weather. You know how temporary measures go, well that was half a decade ago. Poor thing.

Old Studio Reno 03First day was spent preparing it to move about 9 inches over to correctly allow for the electrical panel feed line. While doing this, we made sure it was level in it’s new location. It is amazing how much it had settled over the years.

Old Studio Reno 06Then we got busy removing loose boards at the eaves which revealed a host of varmits living in that space.

wasp & bird nestsCheck out how many wasp and bird nests!

Old Studio Reno 05We have left over wood and a small window from construction that we used to close the wall. There was just enough wood to be able to close the eaves.

Old Studio Reno 10We plan on using metal for the final siding, from a storage shed we took down a couple of years ago. The existing T1-11 is still good on the other three walls so we won’t have to re-side them. All that is left after that is closing in base to ground area and caulking around the corners and windows. Maybe a quick coat of paint on the exterior to seal it. Wa La! Sturdy storage shed.