Piano Tuning Today

Schiller Piano 07I had my Schiller piano tuned this morning by Mike Paul. He has been tuning for years and years. He says it is a really beautiful instrument and sounds so full and vibrant. It makes practicing a pleasure as it fills our house with music.

Evidently, it was originally purchased for Spokane Washington symphony but was just kept in storage and was later purchased by a lady who wanted her daughter to learn to play. However, she never did learn and the piano sat in their home not being played. It was brought into Peter and Linda’s second-hand store from an estate sale. Linda and her sister bought the piano and it was passed from nephew to niece but none of them played so it was carefully moved and not played. But, in 2016 it was given to us and I have loved it ever since.

When Mike Paul was tuning he said I should take a picture of the serial number and ask the manufacturer to find out what it is worth. So, I contacted the manufacturer’s restorer, even though it doesn’t need any repairs, at Antique Piano Shop for information and here is what he said. It was built circa 1911 and appears to be made of exotic grain walnut wood and is of the carved Louis XV style.  Schiller Piano 01

All the wood is really beautiful grain and the words are golden and written in Old English.Schiller Keyboard 1

Check out the warranty on the inside of the lide.

This is to Certify that this instrument is Warranted for the term of TEN YEARS from the date of its manufacture, and should the instrument, with proper care and use, prove defective in material or workmanship within that time, it is hereby agreed to put it in good repair upon delivery to our factory.

Schiller Piano Company F. G. Jones Prest., Oregon, Ill.Schiller Lid Warranty

Check out on the top left, $425.oo Net Cash Price at Factory – Schiller Oregon Ill. How much was $425 worth in 1911? It is $11,849.76 Whew!Schiller Piano 04Here are all the barely used hammers. So blessed.