An absolute must read

This book is instrumental in my success at pursuing a profession I loveĀ  in art,

Wishcraft: How to Get What You Really Want

by Barbara Sher and Annie Gottlieb published in 1979.

  • It is hilarious how many people want to judge this book by it’s title or cover, which is truely a mistake. If you read the first page of the Intro you would know that it has absolutely nothing to do with that very similar word of “Witchcraft”. Yet, I don’t know how many people I have told about it, who refused to even take a look assuming it has something to do with witches and black magic. LOL.

I have read it myself (more than once). It is probably the most profound and helpful “self get-to-knower” I have ever ran into. It is easy to read and leads you onto an investigative journey of the truths within yourself, with easy questions. Showing simple logical paths to take to be able to proceed wherever it is that you find that you really want to go. The little tests and the explanations are quite revealing to find out what things are important. Often I was discovering dreams I that I had ignored because I assumed they were totally impossible, ridiculous, or childish but they were actually very very important to my soul.
I was getting the book out of the bookcase to loan to my son-in-law to read because they are starting a new business venture. But, I read the first page of the introduction again which made my interest get piqued so….

Unfortunately he’ll have to wait till I actually read it again before I take it to their house for them to borrow. Sorry.