Monochrome Painting Finished

portrait Diane Conkright A0220
portrait Diane Conkright


Here is the first of the monochrome portraits all finished. I am very happy with the look of this and hope it ranks well in the monthly challenge program at the next meeting. It is a veritiable challenge to get depth and shape in using only one color. I believe it was done using Ultramarine blue or cobalt, now I am not sure. Some day soon I have to go ahead and mark my watercolor wells on the pallet. The only sure fire way for me to keep the names straight. Honestly, I just dab into whatever color feels right to use rather than knowing which color should be used scientifically. It is the artist (lack of) logic in full force.

SWS Meeting

Can’t wait to go to the Spokane Watercolor Society meeting scheduled for January 18th (Saturday) at 10am at the Spokane Art Supply Classroom here in Spokane, Washington. Truly, a case of, “birds of a feather” hanging out together. It is so much fun to visit with other artists and compare methods. I haven’t been able to attend any meetings for quite a while. Health issues prevented me from doing much of anything for the past half year. It is great to be feeling better and I am hoping to be able to get out more now.

I’d be glad to have you come as my guest to explore your interest in watercolor painting. You’d probably like to come check out this meeting with me. It really is a great help to be able to hook up with others interested in art, as you are. Email me here if you are so inclined and we will work out the particulars about where to meet, driving or carpool etc.

Today is a happy painting and writing day for this person.

RL Portrait Progress #3

Finally into the fun colorful part. My backgrounds are important to me, showing me the lighting origin and allowing me to see if I have my image drawn correctly by outline. My technique is applying light washes in layers. Usually looking for the darkest areas to lay in bright colors. Laying the shadows in shows me the shapes.

Mama’s Miracle portrait #5

Continue adding tones for baby and her blanket. Mama’s arm and skirt along with the chair browns. Almost always going with light washes followed by layers to follow darkening and adding color depth. With just these washes in place the colors and shapes begin to tell their story and the layout begins to speak to me. It is time to remove the mastik so we can see where we stand.


Mama’s Miracle portrait #2 & #3

Mama holding her baby I begin by using resist or mastik to withhold the white areas. I like being able to paint in a more relaxed way putting pools of color up to where the white area edge is. When you look at the image below the yellow is this resist saving my whites.mamasmiracle_2Now I begin putting skin and hair washes in along with the purple chair. Now you can see the yellow mastik reserving the white areas. I just have to remember when I look at it that the yellow areas are actually white.