Hummer Tablecloth Progress

a pair of humming birds flying in close quarters

I am enjoying putting the flying characters on this tablecloth. At about half finished with the birds there are a few things becoming apparent with the design so far. The flying guys don’t seem to have as much to do with thoughts about the future design of the folaige and blossoms around them as the perched ones do. These are the kinds of thoughts going through my mind as I look at the last two finished. A female and male in close quarters. Their position seems to suggest a chase is in motion.


Hummingbird #10

On “the tablecloth embroidery project” finished Hummingbird number 10. This is the first female character. I had a hard time figuring out how to get the neutral browns to show with stiches of color. Finally settled with bright purples, orange, blue pattern to separate areas. Then adding a mixture of browns and grays for that overall neutral coloring. She is in mid flight with wings in all a flutter.HB10

HumBird Embroidery #09 unfinished

A perched green hummingbird with under his beak and white neck.

On “the tablecloth embroidery project” unfinished Hummingbird number 09 This HB character is a mixture of greens with a touch of red on the under side of his neck under his beak. His neck is going to be a white collar and I have not yet decided for sure how I will finish his wing. He is perched on a branch getting ready to taste a blossom.


HumBird Embroidery #07

A orange and red bird with black outline and white neck.

On “the tablecloth embroidery project” finished Hummingbird number 07. This character is a mixture of oranges and reds with dark shadows outlined in black with a stark white neck. He is perched for a second so his wings are not in motion. A rather rare instance in Hummingbird life.


HumBird Embroidery #06 finished

A lavender and purple guy with dark blue and black on his wings and tail feathers.

On “the tablecloth embroidery project” now finished Hummingbird number 06. This character is done being stiched. His feet are are a earth tone brown. His mixture of lavender and purples with dark blue shadows on his ever moving wings and tail feathers is a color combination used a lot in my watercolors.