Our Garden Apothecary

mullein 01Diana Gabaldon’s bestselling book series, Outlander did a good job of introducing me to the role herbs play in human medicine. She is responsible for the intense interest I have in the herb section of our garden. Above is a typical day of herbal drying on our deck table. There are 3 mullein blossoms on the upper left, hyssop blossoms on the right top rack and then chamomile blossoms in the tray up front. Anything blooming gets picked and dried throughout summer.

Saturday, I had an earache and sore throat requiring a visit to an urgent care in town. They tested for COVID (negative) and then prescribed an antibiotic for which I am so very grateful. It is Tuesday, and I am doing so much better but the earache has not fully resolved yet.

What does a gardener that believes in herbal remedies do?

Rosemary Gladstar's Herbal RecipesI get out one of many handy books by Rosemary Gladstar, an Amerian herbalist. You should really check this author out (YouTube) if you are considering getting into healing herbs because her books are full of helpful info and real life solutions. Her books have indexes that make looking up info easy.

mullein 04
I knew some mullein was blooming outside the garden fenceline.

This book is entitled “Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health” and the recipe I tried was on page 82 Garlic-Mullein Flower Oil for ear infections.

mullein 03I made up this recipe in less than half an hour, and after putting three drops in each ear, got immediate relief.

mullein 02BTW, did you know that the pioneer’s used to call the mullein blossom the torch flower? Well, they did. Why? Because they’d dry the blossom stems and later fasten them to sticks and soak them in oil. They were used as torches to light their way at night. Wow. Did you think of that while you gazed at the yellow blossoms on a stick?

The definition of Apothecary is (noun), a person who prepared and sold medicines and drugs. Peter and I have become somewhat our own pharmacy as we use the information in reputable herbalist’s books with herbs we grow in the garden and the medicinal weeds growing around us.