Garden, Where the Food Is

Garden From House 2018

Ex-Farmers Grow Great Gardens

This artist married a man who grew up on a farm in a family fed by their garden. Ex-farmers are who you pair up with when you need to get stuff done without any bureaucracy. My husband Pete is a, double green thumb man, with knowledge on how to test soil, plant rotate crops. A great garden guy coming from a family of gardening geniuses.

The combination of an artistic love for growing bright flowers and seeing bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds come and enjoy them, along with really yummy home grown vegetables and fruit that are healthy is a win-win situation for our family.

Over the years, we have cleared land to expand and fence to keep out the deer. We planted what we could each year by either visiting family and friends to take starts or just buy seed & roots to start things on our own whenever we could. Our best partners in gardening were our brother and sister in-laws who moved down south to Arkansas so now we are kind of on our own. Boo Hoo! Each year I save seeds to start over again the next year, and am starting to get to know our gardening neighbors.

Tractor Work in Garden

Here is a video I took of Pete clearing the second half of our garden where we planted an orchard in 2016. It looks like now we will be getting our first fruits on those trees and bushes this year, apples, blackberries, choke cherries, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, pears, peach, apricot but we will see what happens.

Early this spring we finished planting the majority of our vegetable garden and have cleared another section to move all the berries uphill into their own section permanently.

I look forward to enjoying each afternoon working in the garden afterwork, in the summer, which gets me out of the studio. My dog loves to cruise to the garden with me so he can play in the water. The fresh air is great, and the physical work of weeding and caring for the plants is refreshing.

No blue screens at all.

harvesting tomato, cucumberAt the peak of the harvest season with all the work of canning, the garden can be a challenge but the food produced tastes so much better and the health benefits are great that it is worth it to us.