Lovely Lilacs

Lilacs & Spokane

A beautiful scene greeted me, bathed in sun rays were the lovely blossoming lilacs in the garden. An amazing alluring scent wafted across the garden drawing me close to admire the delicate lavender petals.

We are so lucky to be living in the Inland Northwest in the “Lilac City” of Spokane, WA! Spring is celebrated here with a “Lilac Parade” honoring veterans. Followed by, “Bloomsday” a 7.4k run on the first Sunday of the month of May. The China flu pandemic postponed it to September 2020. This long walk makes me get up and get into shape each spring.

Every year thousands of runners/walkers complete this for the coveted secret Bloomsday shirt each year. I wonder if the shirt design this year will reflect the fact that there will be no lilacs in bloom as we come back down the hill into Spokane? I have done this course at least 15 times, and have the shirts to prove it!  As an extreme introvert, a crowded event like this is completed only to prove to myself that I can survive as I walk a good 7-1/2 miles up and down hills in a choking group of strangers. Then, I quickly retreat back home to recuperate in quiet solitude with the garden, forest and dogs. Whew.

Lilac Love is Widespread

I was born in Colorado and have distinct memories of my grandparents stopping in to visit us. Grandpa would have a handful of lilacs in his hand to give to Mom, and their scent would fill our house with smiles.

Lilac (syringa) is a prolific blooming bush with conical shaped groups of four leaf petals. The lilac flower has meanings and symbols associated with it, with more specific meanings for each color of the species. My bush is associated with first loves, being the light lilac shade .

Excerpt from:

  • ….
  • Lilac: This lighter shade of purple is associated with one’s first love or the first time one feels love for someone.
  • ….

Spokane Watercolor Society Meeting

a vibrant landscapeArtist Date Night

Went to the Spokane Watercolor Society Meeting last night and had a great “artist date” night. The SWS meeting is the second Wednesday in the month downtown at Spokane Art Supply on Monroe Street 6pm. This artist group is a truly worthwhile organization to join, with lots of information on the web and Facebook if you want to check it out. If you’d like to get some real inspiration, by coming to one of the meetings, let me know. I’d love to take you with me. This organization spurs me to keep improving my skills.

Monthly Challenges

Each month at the Spokane Watercolor Society Meeting, we are asked to paint something in a specific theme of the month, or challenge. We bring it in and are able to show and tell with everyone, getting positive feedback and tips. I just love “hob nobbing” with fellow artists. Our challenge for this month was “Challenge”.

Hey, is there an “Echo” in the room? 

In line with my newly established goal of perfecting winter snow scenes in my painting *repertoire, I brought my First Snow Walk winter scene (image was shared yesterday).

Loving KindnessAlso, I brought-in the painting done for the previous month. Unfortunately, I was snowed-in and had to miss last month’s meeting. The challenge for the February meeting was “Love and Kindness” and that subject produced, a *plethora of ideas flooding my mind. I was trying to choose the best subject and it was impossible with so many ideas flowing through my brain. After a week of fiddling around, I noticed that one set of images kept populating the parade. Kids and dogs. Yep, that was my love and kindness entry. Always, I have always, felt the best of love from my woofie dogs! They want to be with you no matter what, loving you through the good, the bad and the ugly.

*2 NEW WORD USAGEs! Had to look them up to spell it right here. All that study is increasing my vocabulary.

Don’t forget our show coming up, on First Friday, April 2019, is the opening reception for our Member Show at the Inland Northwest Conservation Lobby, I posted info about it earlier. Please come down and see some really phenominal work! You have got to see Kelly Knouff-Burk’s wetland painting, it will take your breath away! There is so much talent in this group!



Flowers don’t need a holiday to liftspirits

img_20170214_043134963A couple of weeks ago I broke my collarbone while sledding. Tensions were raising and healing was becoming unsurmountable. I know my words became snappy and unkind as I became overwhelmed with frustration and pain.

My love did not throw his hands up in the air and give up. He went grocery shopping on the way home from work. He got home and I heard him putting things away when downstairs he comes, placing these right in front of where I’ve been camped out in our recliner in a sling with pillows propped around.

This thoughtful hunk of man provided undeniable proof of beauty from God’s hand. Immediately transforming negative perspectives to a feeling of gratitude and awe. Everytime I look at the rich colors, touch the soft petals or breath in the wonderful scents this upward lift occurs.

I am fully blessed with possibly the best man on the planet who knows a gift of flowers will lift spirits any day of the year. His love actions pop up right when most needed. No holiday is required.