Dream Inspirations

Jesus Focus With Dove
14.5″w x 17″h pencil on sketch paper. Jesus focus is embodied in rays illuminating out of His left eye, as he beckons us and His dove with his right hand.


A lot of my images are gift inspirations from my dreams. A vivid dream occurs with an image or sound and even sometimes words spoken, and if I am lucky it flashes through my mind right as I wake up. Then I run down to the studio to put it down on paper before it fades away. This pencil sketch is one of those dreams.


I went to bed worried about the state of the world asking, “What am I going to do Lord?”. You know, one of those times when the world’s troubles monopolize your mind making it impossible to feel any serenity.

Be careful when you ask the Man Upstairs for advise, cause you usually get a real direct reply. This was a reply with Him standing in the wind saying, “Don’t loose your Focus!” as He reached out to me and right then, a bright white dove returned home to sit on His hand. His eye had a great sparkle that extended out making everything bright. Right then I knew everything would be alright.

Jesus Focus With Dove 1
Progress shot showing beginning layout with facial features.


Steps to do a pencil rendering of that dream. I first sketch out a very preliminary layout moving items here and there to get the basic idea down. I begin to search my image files and the internet for references for the hand position, and the facial expression. Next is a search for a flying dove image in my reference books and online. With the help of Photoshop I am able to build a layout to work from that fits what I remember.

Jesus Focus With Dove 2
His right hand extending toward the viewer is rendered.
Jesus Focus With Dove 3
The background shading reveals the dove’s flight.
Jesus Focus With Dove 4
With the hair in the wind and other background surfaces shaded it comes to life.


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“Donkey, Then Jesus Said…”  F1014 $75 (unframed), $175 (framed)

This piece won a little prize (art supply) in a Spokane Watercolor Society Show,  which was done for a charity here that takes in abandoned and abused livestock. Lavender Dreams Donkey Rescue is the charities  website. A watercolor on 300lb wc paper 15″w x 23″h Donkey is painted frozen in mid-sentence telling about his experience when  Jesus rode him into town.

“Oh yeah it was really something to see. I had never met Him before and lots of people were gathered around us as we came into town. They were putting ferns and leaves on the ground for me to walk on… and I kept hearing His name, Jesus. It was not a normal day at all.”


donkey looking like he is speaking

original chalk portraits at church missions sale

Please come to our “Missions Boutique” for the Country Church of the Open Bible here in Elk WA it is at The Firehouse on Hwy 2

35007 N. Newport Hwy

tomorrow morning, Friday: starting at 9am till ?6 or 7pm

Saturday: Starting at 9am-till ?3 or 4pm

There will be five original chalk portraits of Jesus starting at $20 each (you can always donate more).

chaulk portrait, Jesus
church donation

portraitJesusJ1515 portraitJesusJ1415 portraitJesusJ1315 portraitJesusJ1215

I practice with chalk and black paper doing the highlights so I don’t get too used to seeing only the dark shadows which is what I spend the majority of my time illustrating with for books and b&w drawings. Highlights vs Shadows… try it and see how opposite it is for your brain.


background of chaulk portraits of Jesus

Have you ever noticed that the face of Jesus throughout history has been totally affected by the looks of the people in the society that the painter lives in. If you think about it, this is only right because we have never really seen His face. There were no portraits painted of him during his travels, no photographs taken of him while he was on this earth. We have no selfies of Jesus so… We draw and paint Him from feelings in our heart and soul as a God/man coming to save us using the male faces in  our experience.

In Northern Europe Jesus tends to have a very Caucasian slender face with light hair (straight or a little wavy). Moving South He morphs into curlier darker hair and skin. Going into Paul’s region of travel He becomes more like the people in Turkey or Arabia with a dark slender face and more prominent nose. In Africa many times He is painted as a black man. The most amazing thing about the portraits of Jesus in the art galleries is the universal sense of “awe” that is incorporated into most renditions. You can tell the artist is trying to relay a very important feeling.

portraits of Jesus

I am practicing drawing with chalk on 8×10 black paper to kind of reverse things in my brain. Drawing the highlights instead of the darks. I usually end up drawing the shadows most of the time. These are portraits of Jesus I’ll do after work this week as many as I can do.

chaulk portrait, Jesus
church donation

I am going to donate them to our church “COUNTRY CHURCH OF THE OPEN BIBLE, Boutique Sale this Friday starting at 9am at “The Firehouse” 35007 N. Newport Hwy (across from Riverside Market on Hwy 2). You can check out hours and other information at their Facebook page here.