Little Ben prog 1 & 2

Focusing on the center point of my inspiration, which is Ben’s smile and the wonderful reflection in the mirror behind him changes the portrait a great deal. Here is the layout sketched in and background wash beginning. The second view is after some more washes. I am taking this slow and gradual as I try to maintain a better realistic representation.

Ben progress shots 01 & 02

Next I will work on the details.


false start on… Little Ben’s portrait

While working with fellow artists on achieving a better level of realism in my watercolor portraits thisĀ  was my first attempt at Ben’s watercolor portrait in three progressive shots.portraitBenJ_Sm01wash backgroundportraitBenJ_Sm02begin values interiorportraitBenJ_Sm03more interior values…

At this point, three fellow artists’ suggested “start over”. Focus on the face and reflection instead. I agreed, so start over it is.