Pure Love

lady 02Now here is a real expert, “Lady” knows exactly how to show pure love. It is really simple. I doubt that anyone has any question about what she is saying.

lady 01Sometimes life gets all filled up with chores, duties and jobs. Things happen and everyone gets worried and all the texting and fretting begins. Then, a fresh dose of unadulterated love smacks you right in the face, fully reminding you of what is really important.

friendshipLove is what is important.

Next time I feel overwhelmed I will remember Lady’s sweet face and the power of what friendship can do.

Goodmorning, Artist Style!

Rainblow Caterpillar
Rainblow Caterpillar

An Artist Says Good Morning!

This rainbow colored caterpillar is who greeted me this morning in a fantastic way. It gave me a great pick-me-up.I love that this 10 legged character was the first smile I received today. What great creativity you both have, Thank you girls!

Friends Warm the Heart

We were lucky to have Bruce Morris and his girls over for a visit on Saturday It was fun to be able to just talk, eat and walk around. Pete worked 30+ years at Kaiser Aluminum on a rotating shift. It’s always wonderful to be able to actually meet his fellow worker friends. You hear a person’s name over-and-over, through the years but, you don’t really know them. It is virtually impossible to schedule get-togethers when working opposite shifts.

I have met Bruce a few times at the Kaiser yearly Silverwood Company Day. But honestly, this is the first time we have actually be able to visit and get to know him and his girls. Seems like the mystery man “Bruce” has now become a real person to me. Plus, Bruce’s girls are two of the nicest and most talented artists and I can’t wait to be able to draw and paint with them sometime soon.

Friends are More Important Than Ever

The simple things like being able to see and visit with a friend, are really appreciated after extensive  periods of confinement. Am so ready to end this Covid 19 quarantine and have normal friend and family relationships again. I want to enjoy getting my ski legs on and playing with friends on the hill.

Publicly Burning Bras (Masks)?

It is time to march down main street burning these dang masks…. as far as I am concerned! That is where my head-is-at!

Okay, Enough Already!