Pet Peeves in Photography

I have identified some definite pet peeves for me as I wade through the trending volumes of unprofessional photography available on the worldwide web.

Butt Shots!

butt shotFirst of all, these are the worst for me. How many “butt-shots” do we need to see? Honestly, it pays to get on the other side of the cake. How many backs, heads and butts do we need to see before we can actually see the face of the birthday-girl blow out the candles?

Please crop the crowd showing us their backs to focus on the recognizable face or focal point! Do the world a favor. Delete the photograph if it is only a shot made up of only butts.


selfie Girl
selfie |ˈselfē| (also selfy)

noun (pl.selfies) informal

a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media: occasional selfies are acceptable, but posting a new picture of yourself everyday isn’t necessary.

Really! I love the way that this definition ends saying a new selfie every day is not necessary. Selfies are over used to document every day activities and companions by everyone. They have now become a standard portrait method.

Have you ever considered that those closeup faces allow widespread facial recognition and location tracking?

Is big brother watching? Yes, you bet he is!

I do not consider the selfie as an art form.


Art is that image that invites us in….  to feel, remember and become part of  what holds our gaze. Those candid action shots that freezes the movement perfectly in the sports arena, or the thoughtful portrait that balances light and focus with a memorable expression, or even the magnificent storytelling essence of an expansive landscape or event in history.

Remembering, the importance of excellence makes me spat when I see a warped face in a group stacked together in a selfie!

Any image that we quickly glance at, see and move away from, does not fall into the category of art for me. 

Certainly, a selfie’s facial distortion, does not come close to the magical essence of the professional portrait capturing a storyline or personality elegantly.