portrait Lil’ Ben redo progress #1

Here we go again, third time is a charm they say. 🙂

Here is the sketch laid out on the watercolor paper with “mastik” or “resist” applied to reserve the white areas.

portrait little Ben redo  With the white areas protected I have an easier time treating the background with a free wash without worry.




Little Ben’s Portrait Finished

baby portrait
I love this little guys smile and that wonderful reflection in the mirror behind him.

BTW I use and abuse all family members and friends, as I grab photographs to work from whenever I see something cool so I can practice painting of the human form.  The photograph I am using for this one was taken by Sandi Shirley, my co-grandma. Thank you!

My goal was to get Ben’s likeness and I finally feel that I have done it. It does look just like him. Yay! Such a cute baby with two of the deepest dimples you have ever seen. Dimples are not easy, go ahead and try em. It was tricky to get the lighting right, but I feel like the reflection is working correctly too. At least I hope so. What do you think? Be gentle… I’m an emotional artist ya know. 🙂

false start on… Little Ben’s portrait

While working with fellow artists on achieving a better level of realism in my watercolor portraits this  was my first attempt at Ben’s watercolor portrait in three progressive shots.portraitBenJ_Sm01wash backgroundportraitBenJ_Sm02begin values interiorportraitBenJ_Sm03more interior values…

At this point, three fellow artists’ suggested “start over”. Focus on the face and reflection instead. I agreed, so start over it is.