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Background Paint

49 N Mural Bkgrnd 030

This is big painting in real life on a long wall 40’-0” wide by 10’-0” high (400 sq ft) at 49 Degrees North Ski Resort in Chewelah WA. There are columns, a doorway along with a storage cabinet to avoid. Some planning and adjustment to accommodate the obstacles is required. As explained in the previous post, I am following a basic chaulk layout drawn on the wall. I will paint any electrical conduit encountered to try and achieve a synonymous feel across the image.

49 N Mural Bkgrnd 031

Obstacle Courses In Real Life

Obstacles are real life. I sometimes have to modify curves after I step back and see they are not matching up. You actually loose sight enough by the column to think you have it right till you get down and step back. Take a look on the right side of the column where the chaulk line is a little off already. I guess if I stayed within the lines I’d have less of these types of adjustments to make but I do tend to get a little free arm swinging when painting large and I absolutely love it.

49 N Mural Bkgrnd 027

Progressing over the doorway and around the fire alarm, the mountains appear in the distance on the wall. Sometimes it seems hard to make the image stay continuous when divided by columns and other things but, I find that I simply ignore them. If I paint as if those items are not there, the image feels uninterrupted.

49 N Mural Bkgrnd 032 49 N Mural Bkgrnd 033

 The next two sections of wall have their backgrounds laid in going towards the last wall corner. You can see how the lines need to read across the columns. When I reach the cabinet in the corner the background stops at the side, continuing over only the top of it.

49 N Mural Bkgrnd 034

WALL “C” is 12’-0” wide by 10’-0” high (120 sq ft) which is the area where the cash register is manned. At the end of the day the last wall’s background is laid in here but not yet complete.

49 N Mural Bkgrnd 035

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