Propane Tank Needs Decor

Original propane tank
Original propane tank look

This is the propane tank that I see when I look out my kitchen window. It seems out of place in our natural forest landscaping. It is just one of those things that bugs me…

As an artist I can change it, so the project begins. First I get a hose out there and spray the tank down. Then I take a bucket of warm water and TSP (tri sodium phosphate) with a green kitchen scrubber and get to work. Over the years layers of pitch from the pine trees along with lots of mildew have put quite a layer of icky stuff on the tank. But, good old TSP is a powerful cleaner that almost always removes all the coodies on any surface needing paint. Read the label cause it is not a nice chemical to handle incorrectly.

clean propane tank
Clean propane tank

Looks quite different clean doesn’t it? I go back into the studio to come up with a drawing to get things right.

tank as a canvas area
Tank as a canvas area
design and paints
design & paints

I am wanting to put the American flag flowing in the wind on the tank. Starting with the blue background for the stars on the far left with the stripes going over the rest of the tank at an angle.

chaulk lines on tank
Chaulk lines on tank

I know it isn’t that easy to see but, I use blue chalk to layout areas on the tank for the different colors. Then I quickly paint a rough underpainting of the design on the tank.

undercoating of design
Undercoating of design

I walk back up to the house and let it dry overnight.

walk away look

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An artist with realistically surreal colorful style in the Inland Pacific Northwest, Valerie Woelk.

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