Picking Today

Picking today in the garden produced a winner for the biggest as the Mr. 6.4 lb green zucchini squash. He is sticking his head out of the middle bucket in this picture, a really big guy measuring 18″ long with a 5″ diameter. This is what happens when I put off picking for a couple of days. There is quite a few crookneck squashes in the bucket on the left. The bucket on the right is full of beets along with a single head of lettuce and eggplants.

Also, harvested lots of cucumbers today, including big guys for relish making. Mediums to be sliced for bread and butter chips. Then good old dill pickle jar sizes. You can see that they are sorted by size. It is safe to say that pickling season has now begun.

I was pleased to see that the blackberries have begun to ripen. It looks like it will be a nice crop this year if the weather cooperates. It was a couple of cups of berries, which isn’t bad for the first day of picking.

The first group of jalapeno peppers was harvested today and the green peppers are slowly but surely increasing in size too.

Harvesting Beans, Lettuce, Squash & Herbs

green beans 02

Harvesting beans, lettuce, squash & herbs today from our garden. We purposely plant an abundance of crops in a quarter-acre vegetable and fruit “orchard” garden, with the intention of donating to friends and family in need, along with local food banks during the summer.


We have one 50 foot row of green snap beans in the garden this year and they are just starting to come on, here is what we picked this evening. Peter and I sit at the dining room table and clean them. We end up with a total of 24 cups in our big metal bowl. Next, we wash them and blanch for 3 minutes. Using our Foodsaver, they are vacuum-sealed in portion-sized packs and freezen. Making them all ready for eating all through the winter.


Fresh salad is always a welcome part of our diet, Buttercrisp lettuce was picked today.


Two types of squash are harvested today, the zucchini and yellow crookneck. We have already saturated close family and friends with lots of the zucchini excess and I will be cooking zucchini bread and cakes today. It looks real probable that there will be lots of zucchini squash this year, so if you need any come and get it.


Today the herbs being harvested were sage and basil which are already washed and in the dehydrators and are filling the house with wonderful scents. I’ll take pictures of them harvested this week sometime.