Picking Wild Chokecherries

Have fun picking wild chokecherries! We went with two friends in Spokane WA to pick some wild chokecherries on a walking path near their house. There were four of us and after about an hour of picking together, we had filled a 5-gallon bucket.

Lots of washing, washing, washing. After cleaning, it measured out to 72 cups of berries and about 6 cups of stems and leaves. The picture is with all of them in the large stainless steel pressure cooker pot holding the washed berries

My recipe made three batches (20 cups each), which I had to split between two big pots on the stove. I tend to keep the maximum at 10 cups per pot. Otherwise, I get quite a mess when it all starts to boil and foam, overflowing all over the stovetop. You know how much of a mess that is to clean up. We are now two very stocked-up families in both choke cherry syrups for pancakes and jam.