Canners BEWARE

Canners Beware Chinese Lids

Avoid This Costly Error

Fellow canners beware of “Chinese” canning jar lids advertised as being “Mason Lids” on Amazon.

Chinese is a loser when compared to “Ball” lids. These two jars of cherries were processed in the same boiling water bath, the one on the left is a Chinese lid and the one on the right is an American “Ball” lid. In a boiling water bath, the Chinese lids expand — raising up like a balloon, then wrinkling and creasing as they cool. Chinese lids are sized to fit a standard American-made canning jar, but, are sadly much lighter weight and totally unreliable. If you choose to buy these lightweight “Chinese lids” you will very likely lose portions of your harvest. I ultimately had to repeat the water bath process with American lids, in order to seal the jars.

Faulty Lids

Our local farm supply store has not carried any canning jar lids this year so I have had to turn to online purchasing in order to get canning done this year. Here are links to what I bought on Amazon which I returned for a refund. Do yourself a favor and avoid these manufacturers like the plague.

AOZITA 100-Count, [WIDE Mouth] Canning Lids for Ball, Kerr Jars – Split-Type Metal Mason Jar Lids for Canning – Food Grade Material, 100% Fit & Airtight for Wide Mouth Jars

96 Pieces 70 mm Canning Lids Jar Lids Split-Type Lids Reusable Leak Proof Storage Solid Caps Metal Canning Jar Lids Compatible with Mason Jar for Pickling Canning Jar Lid Storage (Gold and Silver)

Unfortunately, I ordered the cheaper foreign-manufactured canning lids on Amazon which taught me this lesson. The lure of cost savings is not worth the amount of lost product and time it entailed. “Made in America” is what I am going to purchase from now on. We spend a lot of energy growing fruit, pitting and processing it to put into our pantry each year. Gardening and food preparation is some of the blessings in our lives. It is frustrating when a foreign manufacturer takes shortcuts, that destroy our work, making the job so much harder.