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Just finished a batch of medical digital illustrations for gastric surgery procedures, it was for a great client who is setting up the Obesity Reporter website. This project is really a good incentive to stay good on my diet and exercise plan. YEP! None of these seem like good options, or a lot of fun.

Gastric Banding surgery,

gastricBanding gastric banding surgery

My client had directions and input about how he wanted all of these images for bariatric surgery options. Then it was time to research the surgical procedures and descriptions in medical books and my nurses study coloring books to get all the body pieces and parts drawn right. The final research stop for me is Google surgery images, so I can get the colors right.

Steps for Medical Digital Illustrations

I sketched the image first and scanned that into a digital black and white jpg format using Adobe PhotoShop CS6. The rest of the steps were completed on the computer, doing the illustration of the shapes and colors in Adobe Illustrator CS6. The final step was to add descriptive text┬átaken from the medical book references. I save the file then and submit it to the client and make any adjustments requested, according to what the client wants. Wa La! …c’est fini.

Gastric Bypass,

this image is on their website here.

gastricBypass gastric bypass surgery

Gastric Duodenal Switch,

gastricDuodenalSw Gastric Duodenal Switch surgery

and Gastric Sleeve…

gastricSleeve Gastric Sleeve surgery

All in all, I have to admit that this was an interesting project where I could learn more about the human body without dissecting anything or getting messy. It is a fun way to draw.


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An artist with realistically surreal colorful style in the Inland Pacific Northwest, Valerie Woelk.

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