My Heart and I Are Back…

You may have noticed the lack of blog posts lately. Well, I have a cardiologist doctors note for that.

I went into the hospital on Wednesday last week having chest pain. It was scary and sudden and I was dreading to possibly have to go through open heart surgery again. Went from ER to Advanced Care Unit at Holy Family Hospital on IV’s managing the pain for two days, trying to avoid a massive heart attack. It seems there was a waiting line for beds at Sacred Hospital, so we had to wait. If you know me then you know that patience is not my best trait, so this was not good.

Transferred to Sacred Heart Hospital on Friday when the chest pain worsened, and the surgical team met us at the door and took me right in. I got a stent put in my heart.

When I woke up I felt much better right away and was able to come home on Saturday afternoon. Way better than the open heart surgery I had in 2012 which took quite a while to recover from. Dr Katz gave me a picture of what they did and I thought you might like to see what a stent looks like. The “Pre” picture shows shat the vein looks like with a only 10% flow. The “Post Stent” picture shows the vessel opened up and flowing like a trooper.

Radiology image of heart stent

I never knew much about hearts or heart procedures until I became a heart patient. Am very thankful that the medical field is making so many advances, or I may not be posting this message today. The people in medical professions are so talented, caring and wonderful, thank you to you all!

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