Finish Old Storehouse Reno

Storage Shed Reno 20This Store House is the latest in fashionable, “Vintage Farmhouse” decor in Spokane county. To achieve this look requires that you save materials from other demolished structures over-the-year in the hopes of being able to re-use them on a reno like this. In other words, you have to be a penny-pincher that saves-everything and you have to know how to make products work in different situations. Easy enough.

Storage Shed Reno 14Most of the re-used metal was from two storage sheds we took down over the years, after that year of real heavy snow that caved-in their roofs. The flashing that you see Pete installing under the roofing metal and over the metal siding is the final part of the waterproofing on the wall that needed to be closed in.

Storage Shed Reno 21Since the T-1-11 was in good shape on the other three sides we only had to do the grade to bottom enclosure and corners in metal to finish weatherproofing the structure.

Storage Shed Reno 18

I had to re-set the CMU blocks for the entryway steps and we were done.

Storage Shed Reno 19

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An artist with realistically surreal colorful style in the Inland Pacific Northwest, Valerie Woelk.

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