Facebook Exodus


a mass departure of people

the second book of the Bible, which recounts the departure of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, their journey across the Red Sea and through the wilderness led by Moses.

After witnessing the absolute insanity of the election allowing “blatant cheating” I am feeling low and looking for a ray of hope. So, what did I do? Check-in with Facebook. Since Facebook screens out any viewpoints that express non-agreement with the left there was not even one ray of hope to find. There is no allowed different point-of-view. The foul-mouthed left that is predominate has become a reliable dose of hate, gloating, and stupidity that burns up any goodwill my heart used to feel. Honestly, it has become quite apparent;

Facebook is a waste of time!

Using up my time that can be spent better elsewhere, anywhere else. Facebook is now in my circular file drawer and I do not intend to share my life with that program anymore.

Author: artist

An artist with realistically surreal colorful style in the Inland Pacific Northwest, Valerie Woelk.

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