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Singing a Christmas CarolChristmas Music Is Not Cancelled

Using the China flu as a political strong arm is just sinful, and using it to make our entire population live in isolated fear should be a crime against our humanity. Humans are social animals requiring interaction with others in our community to keep us from going insane.

Do you enjoy singing together at Christmas?

I believe that our Constitution still guarantees us some rights and one of them is the separation of church and government. Therefore, I intend to do Christmas carol “ing” this year. Common sense will be necessary and we are definitely not planning to kiss strangers, or spread colds. Observing normal courtesy’s… keeping spit and body fluids to ourselves. So, stay home if you are sick .

No you can’t have a sip of my hot cider!

working with chaulk on black paper

Having updated a Christmas Songbook I last printed in 2011 you will find that there are a few new illustrations along with  more songs. At this point, the booklet has the lyrics for 74 songs. The file is not a free downloadable booklet, and I am requesting a $2 donation to cover printing costs. I have spent a lot of time researching lyrics, followed by typing and illustrating so please do not print copies from this draft file (see the link below).

If you are interested in getting  copies of the CHRISTMAS MUSIC BOOKLET this year please send me a note, and I will include your quantities with the order? Please contact me by Nov 20th if you would like to be included in this order.

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An artist with realistically surreal colorful style in the Inland Pacific Northwest, Valerie Woelk.

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