Nelson Creek Fire, Elk WA

We are in the path of the wildfire named “Nelson Creek, in Elk WA”. It started downhill from us about 2 miles away on Friday afternoon burning down our neighbor’s home and garage across from the Inland Grange on Nelson. Their propane tank blew up and the fire traveled uphill rapidly coming right at us on Casey Ln Evacuation notices type 2, were issued.

On Friday even though the fire department went into immediate action to contain it by using multiple county crews, trucks, water trucks, helicopters, prop planes, and even a jet plane. It got right up to our next door neighbors property perimeter requiring retardant on the west and northwest adjoining neighbors properties. Friday was thick smoke and lots of air traffic directly over our home. Check out how close to the trees those pilots fly WOW!

We got a surprise visit from Jake at State Farm, really, Jim and John I think because we have State Farm house insurance. They drove in working with the fire crews to assess fire preparedness. We evidently passed and they advised us to start sprinkling water around the house to deter embers from igniting. Then, immediately the electricity goes out, so we run generators to put water around.

Saturday some of the smoke was clearing, There are still crews working the fire and hot spots still being put out. The air and ground teams were still hard at it. These pilots carrying water drops and retardent drops are so very gutsy and professional.

The jet, prop plane and multiple helicopters just barely cleared our hilltop coming over the top of our house and on to the neighbors next door.

Sunday less crews trucks planes and helicopters. Pete drove out to get our mail and saw our neighbors had their yards burnt and one even lost a truck that was parked in his yard.

We were all lucky that none of us were hurt and we didn’t loose our homes. We are going to have a lot of cleanup to do.

Dogs & Sprinklers

Max Sprinkler 001We discovered an entertaining sprinkler fascination for one of our dogs. He goes crazy playing with any sprinkler as he takes off running, jumping and trying to snatch droplets out of the sky. Here is his serious face as he notices that I have the sprinkler ready to spray in my hand.

Max Sprinkler 002Of our two children in retirement, “Max” is our tri color guy who is a running child, and the more sedentary redhead is “Hurley” who is more elderly. Hurley likes to sit in pools of water or mud instead of chasing a sprinkler around. Hurley sits in the background watching as Max sprints to catch the water.

Max Sprinkler 008 Max Sprinkler 007Max Sprinkler 005 Max Sprinkler 004 Max Sprinkler 003 Max Sprinkler 002 Max Sprinkler 010 Max Sprinkler 009 Max Sprinkler 006

Max loves to play in the water and we love to be able to enjoy this with him.

Pure Love

lady 02Now here is a real expert, “Lady” knows exactly how to show pure love. It is really simple. I doubt that anyone has any question about what she is saying.

lady 01Sometimes life gets all filled up with chores, duties and jobs. Things happen and everyone gets worried and all the texting and fretting begins. Then, a fresh dose of unadulterated love smacks you right in the face, fully reminding you of what is really important.

friendshipLove is what is important.

Next time I feel overwhelmed I will remember Lady’s sweet face and the power of what friendship can do.

Piano Tuning Today

Schiller Piano 07I had my Schiller piano tuned this morning by Mike Paul. He has been tuning for years and years. He says it is a really beautiful instrument and sounds so full and vibrant. It makes practicing a pleasure as it fills our house with music.

Evidently, it was originally purchased for Spokane Washington symphony but was just kept in storage and was later purchased by a lady who wanted her daughter to learn to play. However, she never did learn and the piano sat in their home not being played. It was brought into Peter and Linda’s second-hand store from an estate sale. Linda and her sister bought the piano and it was passed from nephew to niece but none of them played so it was carefully moved and not played. But, in 2016 it was given to us and I have loved it ever since.

When Mike Paul was tuning he said I should take a picture of the serial number and ask the manufacturer to find out what it is worth. So, I contacted the manufacturer’s restorer, even though it doesn’t need any repairs, at Antique Piano Shop for information and here is what he said. It was built circa 1911 and appears to be made of exotic grain walnut wood and is of the carved Louis XV style.  Schiller Piano 01

All the wood is really beautiful grain and the words are golden and written in Old English.Schiller Keyboard 1

Check out the warranty on the inside of the lide.

This is to Certify that this instrument is Warranted for the term of TEN YEARS from the date of its manufacture, and should the instrument, with proper care and use, prove defective in material or workmanship within that time, it is hereby agreed to put it in good repair upon delivery to our factory.

Schiller Piano Company F. G. Jones Prest., Oregon, Ill.Schiller Lid Warranty

Check out on the top left, $425.oo Net Cash Price at Factory – Schiller Oregon Ill. How much was $425 worth in 1911? It is $11,849.76 Whew!Schiller Piano 04Here are all the barely used hammers. So blessed.

Fiddlin’ Red Simpson Model

FiddlinRedSimpsonLife drawing class was great fun this week. We had Fiddlin’ Red Simpson who is a wild west personality and owner of the music store in Sandpoint Idaho (111 Church St). This wonderful character posed for three hours at the studio of fellow artist Terry Lee for our life drawing class. This sketch above is my favorite 20 minute image from the night.

Fiddlin Red Photo

Surprise, Surprise!

Fiddlin Red Simpson 03FiddlinRed480

During the breaks “Fiddlin’ Red Simpson,” showed us a 1800’s fiddle that he found in his homestead cabin. He refurbished it and listening to him play it, was truly a gift as we heard a sound that was absolutely beautiful! Talk changed to be about the many adventures that this man has participated in, along with many kinds of music venues experienced. It was like being in the company of my Mom again to hear this caliber of talent musically.

As we drew and painted I found myself easily seeing a wagon train journey, envisioning horseback riding across the prairies or Yellowstone. What a great era to live in. It was a very welcome walk back-in-time for me.

This man performs for small and large events with a 2 to 4 person band called the Risky Gents, see the Monarch Mountain Band. If you hear of any gig’s, please let him know at As I looked at the information on the internet about Fiddlin’ Red, it became clear that we were really lucky to have him in the studio Monday night. I look forward to seeing him again.



This man proves himself nothing short of a idiot in his first days in office. Here is a bumper sticker showing how I feel about the loss of my freedom by the stolen election.

Kingdom of Biden

Sleepy Joe is the bogus “Commander-in-Chief” who introduces us to the “Kingdom of Biden” as he issues executive-order after executive-order. He is a cancer that is fast-growing. Our country dies as his kids and special interest groups prosper. ByeDen and Heresy are nothing more than thieves who are not valid as President and Vice-President.

Freedom is Gone

I hope our brainwashed liberals are paying attention as our freedoms disappear. Any Questions? Contact me if you’d like to order some.

Big Brown Moth

What Kind of Moth is This?

An unidentified flying object landed on our deck this summer in the form of a giant brown moth.

Do you know what he is?

Does anyone know what kind of Big Brown Moth this is? It landed on the back of our deck chair during the summer and it was almost as big as the hummingbirds flitting around. He was about the size of my palm and half of the fingers on my hand. Really big! He just sat there flexing his wings and it was great to notice all the color on his wings. He is not just brown.

I apologize for the background noises, hummingbirds, chirping birds and the dog walking across the deck. If you recognize what he is please drop me a comment so the mystery can be solved.

Civil Rights in American History

Duh, really?

Civil Rights

I grew up in Hawaii and in our schools there was no extensive study of the founding fathers and the creation of American Civil Rights. Our level of education generally wasn’t the greatest. So, I am taking a free course online at Hillsdale College to learn about them now.


The first lecture was, “Why Civil Rights Matter“. It introduced me to begin considering things I have never really sat down and thought about.

The second lecture was, “Civil Rights and the American Founding.” Now, I have to bust out the dictionary to keep up but the effort is well worth it. It kind of explains the different types of rights involved. I am learning about American politics and how things are supposed to work.

Before being confronted the next time, maybe you too, would like to be more informed. How is our government supposed to work? Hopefully, the next confrontation with an excited liberal will be less stressful. I want to be able to talk calmly and intelligently about truth, instead of reacting to inflated emotions?

I’d suggest that you take this course. In fact I wish all Americans would.

Dream Inspirations

Jesus Focus With Dove
14.5″w x 17″h pencil on sketch paper. Jesus focus is embodied in rays illuminating out of His left eye, as he beckons us and His dove with his right hand.


A lot of my images are gift inspirations from my dreams. A vivid dream occurs with an image or sound and even sometimes words spoken, and if I am lucky it flashes through my mind right as I wake up. Then I run down to the studio to put it down on paper before it fades away. This pencil sketch is one of those dreams.


I went to bed worried about the state of the world asking, “What am I going to do Lord?”. You know, one of those times when the world’s troubles monopolize your mind making it impossible to feel any serenity.

Be careful when you ask the Man Upstairs for advise, cause you usually get a real direct reply. This was a reply with Him standing in the wind saying, “Don’t loose your Focus!” as He reached out to me and right then, a bright white dove returned home to sit on His hand. His eye had a great sparkle that extended out making everything bright. Right then I knew everything would be alright.

Jesus Focus With Dove 1
Progress shot showing beginning layout with facial features.


Steps to do a pencil rendering of that dream. I first sketch out a very preliminary layout moving items here and there to get the basic idea down. I begin to search my image files and the internet for references for the hand position, and the facial expression. Next is a search for a flying dove image in my reference books and online. With the help of Photoshop I am able to build a layout to work from that fits what I remember.

Jesus Focus With Dove 2
His right hand extending toward the viewer is rendered.

Jesus Focus With Dove 3
The background shading reveals the dove’s flight.

Jesus Focus With Dove 4
With the hair in the wind and other background surfaces shaded it comes to life.

Facebook Exodus


a mass departure of people

the second book of the Bible, which recounts the departure of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, their journey across the Red Sea and through the wilderness led by Moses.

After witnessing the absolute insanity of the election allowing “blatant cheating” I am feeling low and looking for a ray of hope. So, what did I do? Check-in with Facebook. Since Facebook screens out any viewpoints that express non-agreement with the left there was not even one ray of hope to find. There is no allowed different point-of-view. The foul-mouthed left that is predominate has become a reliable dose of hate, gloating, and stupidity that burns up any goodwill my heart used to feel. Honestly, it has become quite apparent;

Facebook is a waste of time!

Using up my time that can be spent better elsewhere, anywhere else. Facebook is now in my circular file drawer and I do not intend to share my life with that program anymore.