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Remember, the alfalfa sprouts long ago, in the 1970s…. those long warm days walking in the sand and splashing in the waves after work. One of my first jobs was a little beach truck that sold smoothies, and avacado sandwiches fully covered with sprouts. Consequently, I am still a virtual wiz at creating both. That job had front row parking at the beach and frequent swimming, but minimum wage just wasn’t enough. I could have stayed there if all I had to do was enjoy my life.

Food Truck Days

I remember making that perfect avacado sandwich with melted cheese and sprouts? Yum. Growing up I made all kinds of things with sprouts. Those little green guys with crunch. Grown on the kitchen window sill in Kahaluu in a flat dish with a wet paper towel in it. Lots of watering was required to keep that towel damp. Alfalfa sprouts are back and much easier to grow. They are bringing a smile to my face with a lot old warm and fuzzy memories.

alfalfa sprouts 02 The Discovery

Actually, I was searching on Amazon for something else and found these screen lids that fit the standard wide-mouth canning jars which come with a packet of alfalfa seed. What a score.

alfalfa sprouts 04

Measuring two teaspoons of seed into the jar and filled with twice as much water to sit overnight. Second thru third kept them in a dark area and rinsed each day. Then from day four place in the sun (kitchen window sill) for green action to begin and enjoy. These pictures are from day 5 in the process, Wow! I am eating them frequently. Next, I am thinking a little less would be good.


alfalfa sprouts 02Consequently, I’m thinking a little less seed in following batches, because Pete refuses to eat any alfalfa. Alfalfa is for cows and horses, not humans.

Really? Uh Huh. Similarly, he doesn’t like avacado too, so what can I say.

I know, “All the more for the rest of us”!

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