A Birthday in Colorado

antelope herd 1
antelope herd 1

My cousin Jeannie recently had a birthday in Colorado and we decided to drive down there and spend it with her and Lawrence. It may seem crazy to drive that far to say happy birthday in-person but….

Some people are just worth it!

On the way down we thought we had the perfect antelope picture as we slowed on the freeway, and just as we slowed they all turned around and headed away. How many antelope backends have you taken pictures of?

aspen 7
aspen 7 Brekenridge CO

We met at the Welk by Ranahan resort in Breckenridge Colorado where we were able to swim, hot tub and have dinner together after the long 2 day drive. The timing could not have been better because the aspen trees were in full flaming color all around us.

In the little town of Fresco right next door, there are all kinds of coffee houses, eating places and lots of bike paths going all over. We rented bikes and went for a beautiful ride around the Dillon reservoir together. It was an absolute blast for a long afternoon of bike riding! The bikes were rented from Rebel Sports, ski-board- & bike shop in Frisco, CO and it was the best $40 spent on the vacation.

Lawrence, Jeannie, Valerie, Peter
Lawrence, Jeannie, Valerie, Peter

If you ever get a chance to rent an electric assist bike, do it! It makes riding for miles easy, as you are able to click into different levels of assistance modes for hills. It does not take away all the work of riding, but it makes it much more enjoyable.

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An artist with realistically surreal colorful style in the Inland Pacific Northwest, Valerie Woelk.

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