Boom Boom

Shoot 01 Guess what we were doing this morning! We tire of spending days on end inside. We worked on pistol skills, murdering tin cans. It was a blast literally.

I read through the neighborhood Facebook page and got a good laugh. The roads are so slick that all of the people moving out here from town are totally in shock. They haven’t figured out yet that in northern Spokane County the road department does very little.

FYI. We are not a real high priority on the list for road services in northern Spokane. If you need to go anywhere you are pretty much on your own as far as snowplowing, sanding, and road grading to get there. Carry a shovel,  traction sand, and chains in the car during winter. Sometimes, you’ll wish you had a tow strap too.

Shoot 02

The people in town (Spokane) consider it normal to have services for snow plowing, sanding, and de-icing whenever the conditions are unsafe. Unfortunately, we in the rural areas get taxed for non-existent services. We don’t get the services, or if we do it is very sparingly.

We love to live so far out of town because we can put targets up and obliterate them legally on our property.