Skiing with Family

Family SkiingSkiing with family is one of life’s best blessings. There is no better day than the day you can spend up in the mountains on the slopes. We taught our kids, and their kids, and are now lucky enough to be able to assist in teaching the great-grandkids. Thank you, Sarah and Nick!

I know, some people think it is crazy that Pete and I still love to go skiing. Honestly, I’d love to ski till the day I die. It is that beautiful up there, on the top of the mountains in the winter. You will most definitely be hooked for life, once you . Skiing or snowboarding is physically challenging, adventurous, and surrounded by infinitely gorgeous scenery. It is very easy to forget technology and work up on the hill. Not only that, you come home with a wonderful tiredness that makes getting some sleep, the easiest thing to do.

The people on the hill, are not ever stuck on the couch. When the snow falls we smile and get the gear out in anticipation of tons of fun. We have invested money in equipment, clothing &  lift tickets. Take time to learn the skills (lessons in falling and getting up), as we learn how to ski or snowboard. Most are very good-natured adventurers and great jokers. You can have fun with almost anyone you meet on the hill.

That song, “Girls, just wanna have fun!” should be, “Skiers & Snowboarders, just wanna have fun!”

Come check out the best hill in NE Washington, 49 Degrees North in Chewelah. Sliding down the slopes with boards strapped on your feet is the most fun a person can have without having to come up with bail money!

Ski Hill Memory Treasures

I found some birthday Ski Hill Memory Treasures while going through old photographs. We have been loving outdoor skiing sports for a long, long time.

PeteVal1Pete and I were married the year before, and I remember that wonderful soft beard of many colors? In January of 2000, we were the parents of two young teenagers.

It was my daughter, Rachel’s 16th birthday, so, where did we have her party? Why, up at the ski hill of course! Skiing, what better way is there for a teenager to spend birthday energy? With a total in attendance of eight people, we had three newbies with us; Allison, Sarah and Colleen. Then there were the old-timer ski hill bums Cody, Patrick, Peter, Rachel, and myself. You classify as a ski bum if you go up on the hill every day off you get.


Allison skiing with Pat boarding by her.
Sarah falling only a few times.
Colleen snowplowing
Colleen conquering the bunny hill.

Old Timers

Then there was the rest of the gang…

Allison, Rachel, and Sarah

Not a lot of money but good food, friends and laughter.

Allison, Rachel, and Cody

Expressive body language…

Rachel and Cody

Lunchtime had soup sandwiches and birthday cake at our table. Cooler and thermos experts we were and still are. Remembering these days and your friends bring a warm chuckle to my heart. I wonder how everyone is doing now. You guys were a really fun group to hang out with, and I treasure these memories brought back by a small packet of photographs taken in January of 2000. We know that is the date because of the irritating red neon date on the bottom right corner.

Dogs Have Fun

Dogs Have Fun wrestling and pinning the opponent. These two have fun, looking like warfare! Max and Hilti are in the kitchen.

When my family visits, they usually bring their dogs along.  Luckily, as a family, most of us do love dogs! Here are Hilti (Sam and Jess’s) and Max (Pete and Val’s) playing in the kitchen while we visit and play cards. The other voice you hear is my cousin Jeannie (Sam’s Mom) on the speakerphone in Colorado as we watch the 2 “cousin dogs” play.