Roads are Slick

Road are Slick 01
corner of Nelson & Jackson Rd in Elk

Beware Slick Roads

The roads are slick out there. Every winter I go through this ritual of noticing the breaks in the berms on the side of the road. It can be rather entertaining as you make bets on how many there will be. Is someone still stuck out there in the snow that may be needing help? You know, dial 911 and hope you are in a spot that has cell phone service. I’d sure hate to be someone in a car upside down or something like that.

Road are Slick 03The first clue in this typical slide-off is the presence of multiple yellow signs. A clear right turn arrow followed by three separate little yellow arrowheads pointing to the right. But, you can see that this driver simply assumed that those signs did not apply to him or her. Making no adjustments in their driving to compensate for the road conditions, they drive straight through the bank of snow in front of them. Yellow caution signs apply to everyone.

You know that they put those signs up only after enough people have slid off the road at the corner, don’t you?

A lot of people (transplants) have moved into our rural area from large cities in warm climates. Others move from nearby towns (Spokane) who are surprised at the lack of road plowing services when compared to the city streets. Welcome to our winter reality. C-L-U-E-L-E-S-S but in for a quick education from Mother Nature in the Inland Northwest.

Road are Slick 02Winter will teach you to use common sense, it is a requirement. Every year winter is cold, with snow and ice and we are required to get ready for it. Snow tires, chains, shovels, snowblowers, de-icer, antifreeze, blanket, shovel, emergency kits, and even a chain saw sometimes. Some cars get around better than others in the winter. Count the Subaru’s in the local parking lot.

The most important winter safety gear?

A human who adapts the way they drive for the slick roads.

How many slide-off tracks did you see on the way to work today?