12º Farenheight

glove Handwarmers

Not Balmy

Today has a balmy 12º Fahrenheit high for temperature. When it is this nippy outside we get out the heavier ski gloves. Then we add these 2 little heat packs, that are warm little angels that fit into our gloves giving us a much more comfortable experience outside as we do our chores. It doesn’t hurt to throw a few of these hand warmers and toe warmers into your car emergency kit during the winter either. Get them at Costco.com you can find them by just searching for Little Hotties Hand and Toe warmers, it is a purchase you will not regret. By the way, another really handy thing is an extra pair of dry socks in the car, You never know when you can get stuck outside in the winter, and a little warmth comes in so handy when that does happen.

snow 02

Winter Chores

You can see that the layer of snow is only a little. Thought I’d share a little bit of down-home knowledge from people who have lived through quite a few winters up here. In the Inland Northwest we clear out the walkways, then the vehicles, and let’s not forget the satellite dishes so we can still get internet and dish. Make sure the generators are fuelled up and full of fuel and cover anything needing protection from winter that is outside.

snow 03

The weather station predicts that we can anticipate more cold weather for at least a week along with single-digit temperatures.  Which means ICE. So, our goal is to clear out everything we can before it starts again. It is so much easier to move snow than ice. It is not balmy as we step outside. But, the cold doesn’t seem to bother us if we stay ahead of the chores.

Remember that any little inch of exposed skin in these frigid temps is a good candidate for frostbite. Believe me, frostbite is quite ugly or even gross and is massively painful. It is a sneaky bugger that acts a lot faster than you would think. Cover everything up and stay warm. For heaven’s sake, do not stay out in the cold if you are wet. Layers are absolutely miraculous. They can be removed to prevent overheating and the multiple layers will actually keep you warmer.

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