Buyer Beware

Save Yourself a Headache

I ordered a “sweater” from this website and was truly disappointed in the inaccurate size, quality, and highly inflated shipping costs.

Avoid purchasing anything from this vendor!

This item was not a sweater but is instead a spandex blend fuzzy material pullover shirt. Beware the sizing is not as stated in the charts, Chinese-made and very very small. I ordered 2 sizes larger and found it was not even close.

Item arrived late in a plastic bag that only costs about $2.99 to ship, so the shipping charges are “highly” inflated. Check out the shipping return address. Evidently, it was not sent by “More Elegant”, but instead was sent by “Jane” in New Jersey. Does not sound legitimate to me!morelegant_com Customer service is terrible, replying in obviously poor English and offering only a 10% return on the purchase price. All the while threatening a very high shipping cost if I choose to return the item.

Below is a quote from their email to me… today.

Hello, if you choose to return the goods, you will need to bear the shipping cost. The shipping cost is about 30 US dollars. I don’t recommend you to do this. I can refund you 10% of the money, can you?

Lots of fun, NOT!