Baby Blanket 03

The baby blanket embroidered characters start with a ladybug and ends with a lucky shamrock to fill this blog page.

LA Baby Blanket LadybugL is for ladybug,

LA Baby Blanket Lizardlizard,

LA Baby Blanket MoonM is for moon,

LA Baby Blanket OctagonO is for octagon,

LA Baby Blanket Octopusoctopus, orchid (already shown on the previous page),

LA Baby Blanket PuppyP is for puppy,

LA Baby Blanket RectangleR is for rectangle,

LA Baby Blanket ShamrockS is for shamrock,

You may have noticed that the red checker binding on the blanket was covering part of the shamrock image. Darn. When I quilted the backing onto the sheet I discovered that the backing wasn’t as long as the embroidered sheet. Ooops.