Mary Did Splendid Crochet

crochet tablecloth 01This round tablecloth is my Mom’s favorite color. Whenever I see this beautiful blue, I remember her. Mom, MaryMy Mom, Mary did splendid crochet work. She did a lot of crochet using small needles with thin cotton thread as I was growing up. She also made afghans, sweaters, and other things out of regular yarn.crochet tablecloth 03 Her hands were busy in the evenings. Mom made tablecloths, table runners, pillowcase lace, and doilies. Here are some of the tablecloths that I still have that she made. This one is made with off-white thread, it has a star pattern in the middle with netting going out to the lacey edge.crochet tablecloth 05 This tablecloth is done using white cotton thread with a flower-type pattern in the middle, with a small row of netting and then a thick lacey pattern at the outer edge. The outer edge lace is almost like a ruffle.

I shared previously about how we all learned how to do needlework in my family in a post of 8/2018. Wow, that is a while ago, isn’t it? I hadn’t realized how long I have been writing in this blog. Whew.