Pillowcase Two H Birds

Pillowcase Humming Bird Two 01Just finished embroidering a white Pillowcase Two H Birds. Usually, I draw my own pattern but these two hummingbirds are from an iron-on pattern by Aunt Martha’s Transfer iron-on patterns.

Pillowcase Humming Bird Two 02Here is the pillowcase all washed, ironed, and folded on the dining room table. I really took the easy way out on this, with the pattern and also failing to take pictures as the project gradually progressed. You’ll have to use your imagination.

Pillowcase Humming Bird Two 03This hummer on the left side has his beak inserted into the middle flower on the vine where I went with orange or pink petals with a dark maroon center. I used some unusual colors to show his feathers underneath his body in purple. His wings match some of the vine greens with the addition of turquoise in his flying feathers.

Pillowcase Humming Bird Two 04This hummingbird on the right started out as a basic green feathered dude. I added dark blue for shadows then a red under his neck, adding the black outline and feathers for his beak, feathers, and eye outline. Finally, I put some random golden brown scattered across his whole body. I like the way that the flecks of golden brown kind of make it look like his body is shimmering. I think I will use this process in satin stitching in the future again. His flowers utilize the same color as the bird on the left but there is only one blossom on this side.

Baby Blanket 02

The most enjoyable part of making a baby blanket for me is to draw the creatures, you know, the alphabet suggestion images for learning to read. I came real close to getting the majority of the alphabet on the blanket when I was done. Only missing 7 of the letters –  E, G, J, N, Q, V, X, and Z. Maybe I should plan better the next time to get all the letters in. Forethought and planning. Hmmm.
LA Baby Blanket Fish

F is for fish, LA Baby Blanket Flamingo

flamingo, LA Baby Blanket Frogand frog,

LA Baby Blanket HandH is for hand,

LA Baby Blanket Heartheart,

LA Baby Blanket Horse

horse, LA Baby Blanket HumBird Orchid hummingbird, (and orchid above it)
LA Baby Blanket Ice Cream ConeI is for ice cream,

LA Baby Blanket KittenK is for kitten,

The characters continue on till the blanket is full of fun things to point at and talk about.


03 Green HummingBird


Green Hum Bird Pillow 10At this stage of the embroidery on the 03 green hummingbird tutorial, my focus is on finishing the details and blending in or outlining shapes. I do that by adding touches of different colors to accentuate here and there. The addition of light blue edges to the wingtips and the tail feathers was a good start on wings and tail, but more is needed.

Green Hum Bird Pillow 16Here is the finished hummingbird green hummingbird up close. Using a medium turquoise embroidery floss I outline above and below his eye and also along the top surface of his body. To mix stitches in with the satin stitch areas already complete I also run the stitches into existing satin areas randomly. Similarly, darker threads are added to both the orange under his neck and the green body below between his wing and tail. Turquoise is added as a thicker division line between his wing and tail feathers.

Green Hum Bird Pillow 15
King size pillowcase complete.

The pillowcase is completed, it is ironed and ready to be mailed out for a Christmas present. Thank you for reading through this embroidery tutorial and Merry Christmas to you!

02 Green HummingBird


Green Hum Bird Pillow 05We are continuing the embroidery on the pillowcase with a green hummingbird flying up to a vine full of honeysuckle blossoms. The honeysuckle vine leaves and vines are outlined in green and blossoms are satin stitched in orange. Now, I can direct my efforts back to finishing the hummingbird shading and texturing.

Green Hum Bird Pillow 07In this picture, you can see that I am in the process of adding a cool blue shadow to the wing and tail feathers right now. His long black beak is satin stitched along with his eye. A black outline follows the belly line from under his chin to his tail. A loose satin stitch pattern in a mustard brown fills between his feathers in both his wings and his tail. I have added random stitches of medium green in the neon yellow of the leading edge of his wings for more texture.

Green Hum Bird Pillow 08Looking back at the honeysuckle vine there is not enough definition between the tubes of the blossoms and the petals. Those surfaces are blending together and getting lost as I look at them. So, a darker red is satin stitched intermittently into the bottom surface of the tubes to help show a shadow shape and separate from the petals above. Also, a darker red outline is stitched along the dark side edges of each petal.

Green Hum Bird Pillow 17After darkening the edges of the petals, looking at them again, it still feels like it needs more. So, I use black to fill the center of the blossom petals and outline the shadow of the petal. Now I can see the shape and different layers of the honeysuckle blossoms at a glance.


01 Green HummingBird


Green Hum Bird Pillow 02A white pillowcase embroidery tutorial with a 01 green hummingbird flying up to a vine full of honeysuckle blossoms. We are viewing the hummingbird from slightly above on the side. I drew the hummingbird sketch and honeysuckle vine loosely not trying to be exact. Be careful about what you choose to use to make your lines for patterns with. Unfortunately, even though the package instructions said they would. I have had some products from the sewing store that did not wash out or iron off. Disappointing to say the least. Green Hum Bird Pillow 01

Madam Sew Heat Erasable Fabric Marking Pens

These iron-off pens work and I highly recommend them. Using them feels similar to writing with a gel pen. All the lines from these pens disappear with the application of an iron, so there are no marks to ruin all your work. You will want to get the ink refills when you order your pens, because the ink does go fast. Anyhow, these pens are a little expensive designs.

Green Hum Bird Pillow 03The main body of the bird is satin stitched in a medium green and his wing tops are light almost neon green. He has an orange patch under the neck with a little white area to catch your eye. Further, the wing feathers are suggested with lines using a darker medium green.

Under the chin of Mr. Hummingbird, I add a layer of turquoise satin stitch to show shadow under his eye. Also, I outline the top surface with the same color. Moving over to the vine, I use a slightly darker orange on the tubes of the honeysuckle blossoms.

Green Hum Bird Pillow 04The vines are outlined using two different greens, a medium where the light hits the surfaces and a blue-green where shadow resides. The middle line of the leaves and foliage holding the blossoms are all done in the lighter neon green.


Hummingbird Pillowcase

pillow Blue HB 01A Hummingbird Pillowcase with embroidery halfway done. This is a handmade dark blue pillowcase that is sewn from sheets purchased when they are on sale. I first draw out an outline to follow for embroidering the hummingbird as it flies over some small flowers which I decide to make with yellow satin stitches with an orange outline. The leaves and stems are light green. After getting this portion done, I feel like it is not enough.

pillow Blue HB 02So, I use my iron-away pens to draw another set of pink flowers for the hummingbird to be going after. Here it is completed with the hummingbird and flowers on bothe sides. I love drawing these little guys and then stitching them into life with my embroidery thread in the evenings. This one is being given to a very special lady for her birthday.

Process of Embroidery

Hummingbird on blue pillowcase

I am in the process of embroidery on this blue pillowcase with another version of my favorite theme. Hummingbirds and flowers! Right now, I think this pillowcase is about half complete. It just feels incomplete needing needs a little bit more. I will be drawing in some more foliage on the right-hand side and finishing it up in the next couple of weeks.

Hummingbird Tablecloth Progress

Drawing my own hummingbirds on the cloth 51″ x 94″ tablecloth, then I got out my box full of thread (floss), and go to it. There are 19 embroidered birds around the edges complete. I am now adding branches with vines wrapped around them and occasional honeysuckle blossoms mixed in. It seems to be really coming to life. Here is the first completed corner.

Unexpected Surprise

a pair of humming birds flying in close quarters

HumBird Tablecloth SurpriseI got an unexpected surprise when I put the tablecloth on our dining room table to take progressive pictures of the embroidery. It extended way over both ends of the table even with all of its leaves intact. It was actually laying down on the floor.

Pete says the material I purchased for the cloth was at the end of a bolt of material, so he assumes that I accidentally got more yardage than originally figured out because they did not measure it all? Don’t know how, but there is a lot more length than I had planned. Didn’t know I was working on two tablecloths all this time, but, it sure did seem awfully long whenever I bunched it up to put on my lap.

This is now going to be cut into two tablecloths, and a shorter one (60″ square), which is what I have been sharing blog posts with you about it is a gift tablecloth for my daughter-in-law. It needs to be done first. After I cut this big guy into two, then I need to add hummingbirds and foliage to both of the new end edges to be able to finish both tablecloths.

I plan on keeping the full-length second tablecloth for myself (dimensions?). I will share the larger tablecloth progress images later on.

Hummingbirds 09-11

A lavender and purple guy with dark blue and black on his wings and tail feathers.

Hummingbirds Tablecloth Corner 9_11aHummingbirds 09-11 are complete and here is the last corner of the tablecloth with them on it.

Hummingbird 09Number 09 is a character made with a mixture of different greens, blue on his wings, and some white spacing between the stitching to highlight his shape. He is perched on a branch for a second, staring at you. There are some considerations required to be able to correctly build believable foliage around the characters. The outline of the branch that he is perched on has to go between his claws, not through them.

Hummingbird 10_11Hummingbird 10 and number 11 are close together. 10 is the closest, and he is done in teal, aqua blue, and other blues. We are looking at him from above seeing his wings spread out on both sides of him. Number 11 is above and in a dive maneuver position and we see him from the side. He is made of mostly greens with a bright shiny orange area under his neck. His shadows and feathers have black outlines.


Hummingbirds 6_8

He is a lavender and purple guy with dark blue and black on his wings and tail feathers.

Tablecloth Corner 06_08a Hummingbirds 06_08cHummingbirds 6_8 are done now. Here they are on the last corner of the tablecloth.

Hummingbird 06cHummingbird 6 is a mixture of lavender and purples with dark blue shadows on his ever-moving wings and tail feathers. Here he is with foliage beginning around him. To be truthful, I have never actually seen a purple hummingbird, have you? Now you have.

Hummingbird 07b#7 hummingbird #7 is a character made with a mixture of oranges, reds, and dark shadows outlined in black. He is pictured in a side view and has a stark white underside to his neck as he perches. Perched hummingbirds are a rather rare sight to see in real life, so Mr. RedOrange here is a rarity.

Hummingbird 08Humming Bird 08 is mostly green but many other colors are used to round him out and add highlight or shadow.  He is a character made with a mixture of purple, green, and even orange with dark shadows done in black. He is frozen in mid-flight as we look at him from the side. Typical satin stitches fill his body area but there are breaks and changes in direction to help portray feathers.


Humming Birds 4 & 5

A busy moment frozen in mid-flight just as he reaches into a blossom for nectar …

Tablecloth Corner 4-5Humming birds 4 & 5 were just finished on this “tablecloth embroidery project”.

Humming Bird 04bFour is a green-capped dude with a green neck and black on his wings and tail feathers. He has an orange body with yellow highlights. He is busy but frozen in mid-flight just as he reaches into a blossom full of nectar.

Humming Bird 04c_05

Here are both 4 & 5 before the foliage is added between them.Humming Bird 05c Hummingbird number 05 is another orange guy with green and teal highlights on his wings. His tail feathers are orange outlines. When the foliage gets drawn he is perched on a limb ready to reach into a nectar-filled blossom.

Hummingbirds 01-03

As these tablecloths progress I notice that I try many new techniques with the needlwork to try and get different effects.

Tablecloth Corner 1-3Hummingbirds 01-03 are complete on this smaller tablecloth (60″ square). Hummingbird 01a

Hummingbird 01b

#1 is going to be perched on a limb, not flying. He is made using oranges with yellow highlights and black shadows and he has a green wing. Here he is after some foliage is added around him.

Hummingbird 02b#2 is a side view of a hummingbird in flight and he is stitched using a mixture of blues, and teal with black accents.

Hummingbird 03a #3 is an underbelly view of a hummingbird in flight and he is made using blue, grays, green, and some black along with orange for his beak and feet. There are new stitching techniques tried on both of their wing feathers in an effort to display the ever-present movement better.

Hummingbird 03bIf you compare the first image of him with the second one you will see additional stitches and more colors added as the tablecloth progresses.

Many new combinations and techniques tend to show up as the tablecloth progresses. I am always trying to get a better effect with different stitching and color choices.

Collarbone Healing

Sketches to embroider a tablecloth with.

Collarbone healing provides an exercise in patience building. As I wait for my broken collar bone to heal, 6-10 weeks seems like forever. I am able to use my right arm in limited motions close to my body so, I am starting a new tablecloth embroidery. I gotta have something for my hands to do at night. For those of you who know me you are probably saying, “Another one”? Yep, this one is a favorite subject of mine. Can you guess?
Hummingbird SketchesThat is what I do, I embroider hummingbirds on tablecloths. These are sketches I have drawn to use as patterns to stitch these little characters on this one. The sketches are drawn with an iron-on purple pencil that I bought at the fabric store. There are nine positions drawn and I plan to mix and match them around randomly.

Can’t really say how many hummingbirds will end up being on this tablecloth. I have put a bunch along the edge of this full-size tablecloth and have not yet even put the flowers and branches in the design. I may be adding more to the mix or even taking a few out as I go. It’s an artist’s heaven when the design is figured out as I go.

I am looking forward to Spring’s arrival to be able to put out the hummingbird feeders. I am also planting their favorite flowers this year too and just can’t wait to sit out on my deck drinking morning coffee and watching these little guys fly around again.