03 Green HummingBird


Green Hum Bird Pillow 10At this stage of the embroidery on the 03 green hummingbird tutorial, my focus is on finishing the details and blending in or outlining shapes. I do that by adding touches of different colors to accentuate here and there. The addition of light blue edges to the wingtips and the tail feathers was a good start on wings and tail, but more is needed.

Green Hum Bird Pillow 16Here is the finished hummingbird green hummingbird up close. Using a medium turquoise embroidery floss I outline above and below his eye and also along the top surface of his body. To mix stitches in with the satin stitch areas already complete I also run the stitches into existing satin areas randomly. Similarly, darker threads are added to both the orange under his neck and the green body below between his wing and tail. Turquoise is added as a thicker division line between his wing and tail feathers.

Green Hum Bird Pillow 15
King size pillowcase complete.

The pillowcase is completed, it is ironed and ready to be mailed out for a Christmas present. Thank you for reading through this embroidery tutorial and Merry Christmas to you!

02 Green HummingBird


Green Hum Bird Pillow 05We are continuing the embroidery on the pillowcase with a green hummingbird flying up to a vine full of honeysuckle blossoms. The honeysuckle vine leaves and vines are outlined in green and blossoms are satin stitched in orange. Now, I can direct my efforts back to finishing the hummingbird shading and texturing.

Green Hum Bird Pillow 07In this picture, you can see that I am in the process of adding a cool blue shadow to the wing and tail feathers right now. His long black beak is satin stitched along with his eye. A black outline follows the belly line from under his chin to his tail. A loose satin stitch pattern in a mustard brown fills between his feathers in both his wings and his tail. I have added random stitches of medium green in the neon yellow of the leading edge of his wings for more texture.

Green Hum Bird Pillow 08Looking back at the honeysuckle vine there is not enough definition between the tubes of the blossoms and the petals. Those surfaces are blending together and getting lost as I look at them. So, a darker red is satin stitched intermittently into the bottom surface of the tubes to help show a shadow shape and separate from the petals above. Also, a darker red outline is stitched along the dark side edges of each petal.

Green Hum Bird Pillow 17After darkening the edges of the petals, looking at them again, it still feels like it needs more. So, I use black to fill the center of the blossom petals and outline the shadow of the petal. Now I can see the shape and different layers of the honeysuckle blossoms at a glance.


01 Green HummingBird


Green Hum Bird Pillow 02A white pillowcase embroidery tutorial with a 01 green hummingbird flying up to a vine full of honeysuckle blossoms. We are viewing the hummingbird from slightly above on the side. I drew the hummingbird sketch and honeysuckle vine loosely not trying to be exact. Be careful about what you choose to use to make your lines for patterns with. Unfortunately, even though the package instructions said they would. I have had some products from the sewing store that did not wash out or iron off. Disappointing to say the least. Green Hum Bird Pillow 01

Madam Sew Heat Erasable Fabric Marking Pens

These iron-off pens work and I highly recommend them. Using them feels similar to writing with a gel pen. All the lines from these pens disappear with the application of an iron, so there are no marks to ruin all your work. You will want to get the ink refills when you order your pens, because the ink does go fast. Anyhow, these pens are a little expensive designs.

Green Hum Bird Pillow 03The main body of the bird is satin stitched in a medium green and his wing tops are light almost neon green. He has an orange patch under the neck with a little white area to catch your eye. Further, the wing feathers are suggested with lines using a darker medium green.

Under the chin of Mr. Hummingbird, I add a layer of turquoise satin stitch to show shadow under his eye. Also, I outline the top surface with the same color. Moving over to the vine, I use a slightly darker orange on the tubes of the honeysuckle blossoms.

Green Hum Bird Pillow 04The vines are outlined using two different greens, a medium where the light hits the surfaces and a blue-green where shadow resides. The middle line of the leaves and foliage holding the blossoms are all done in the lighter neon green.