Macrame Office With a View

Wedding Arch 10 Here is my macrame office with a view. See how the branch wood is hung on the window curtain rod using a motorcycle tie-down strap on each end? These work out great for letting me easily raise it up as things progress.

Wedding Arch 11After attaching the cords, the longer ones on both sides have to be wound around my fist and then rubber-banded to make them manageable. The shorter lengths in the middle, are able to remain full length without causing any hardship as I do the knots. The knot-tying begins and there are many times that I asked myself that silly question. “What was I thinking?”

Wedding Arch 12Over a period of 20 days, a custom macrame wedding arch is completed. Wishes for true love for our children crossed this Mother’s mind during the creation of this wedding arch gift.