Baby Blanket 05

Our baby blanket is full of entertaining characters. We have done quite a few, but let’s not forget all the numbers. The numbers count. Haha.

By the way, I discovered that the spelling of the baby’s name was incorrect. Thank goodness for family texts that showed up with her name spelled differently. I had to rip out the embroidery and redo two of the letters. Luckily, this was just before getting ready to finish stitching the binding around the edges and quilting it on the sewing machine. Here is the initial layout design where I spelled her name Liera.

LA Baby Blanket name 02LA Baby Blanket name 03It fit with the letters between the leaves and vine.

LA Baby Blanket name 04Here it is redone with the “i” and “e” changed around. Whew.

Baby Blanket 03

The baby blanket embroidered characters start with a ladybug and ends with a lucky shamrock to fill this blog page.

LA Baby Blanket LadybugL is for ladybug,

LA Baby Blanket Lizardlizard,

LA Baby Blanket MoonM is for moon,

LA Baby Blanket OctagonO is for octagon,

LA Baby Blanket Octopusoctopus, orchid (already shown on the previous page),

LA Baby Blanket PuppyP is for puppy,

LA Baby Blanket RectangleR is for rectangle,

LA Baby Blanket ShamrockS is for shamrock,

You may have noticed that the red checker binding on the blanket was covering part of the shamrock image. Darn. When I quilted the backing onto the sheet I discovered that the backing wasn’t as long as the embroidered sheet. Ooops.


Baby Blanket 02

The most enjoyable part of making a baby blanket for me is to draw the creatures, you know, the alphabet suggestion images for learning to read. I came real close to getting the majority of the alphabet on the blanket when I was done. Only missing 7 of the letters –  E, G, J, N, Q, V, X, and Z. Maybe I should plan better the next time to get all the letters in. Forethought and planning. Hmmm.
LA Baby Blanket Fish

F is for fish, LA Baby Blanket Flamingo

flamingo, LA Baby Blanket Frogand frog,

LA Baby Blanket HandH is for hand,

LA Baby Blanket Heartheart,

LA Baby Blanket Horse

horse, LA Baby Blanket HumBird Orchid hummingbird, (and orchid above it)
LA Baby Blanket Ice Cream ConeI is for ice cream,

LA Baby Blanket KittenK is for kitten,

The characters continue on till the blanket is full of fun things to point at and talk about.