Tying the Knot

Tying the knot, literally, is what started this next project. Our daughter is getting married and she asked for a macrame wedding arch curtain for their ceremony. It has been decades since I did any macrame so I was a little nervous about taking on a large project like this.

1,200 linear feet of cord is needed for her wedding arch. Initially, we went into shock at the craft store when we discovered how high the price is for “macrame” cords. An average of $40 for 150 ft which works out to about .27 per lineal foot or a whopping $324. Whew! We ordered a simple “shipping rope” from Uline.com for approximately .065 per foot or $78 instead.Wedding Arch 02 I bet that no one will ever guess that we did not use a macrame cord from the craft store. Besides, if they do notice I would wonder if they really had a life.Wedding Arch 01

You can see my plan drawing and record of cord lengths as we pull out 23-foot long and 13-foot long cords for this project. There are two sides 2×7 and the middle 2×4 with an outlined heart shape at the center of the arch.Wedding Arch 03 See how the rope stretches across the dining room and kitchen on the floor as we measure it out. It takes lots of cord, space, patience, and lots of persistence to begin this large a macrame.

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