Finish This Pillowcase

Pillow 3 HummingBirds 10Here are the gradual steps that are taken to finish this pillowcase with 3 hummingbird iron-on patterns. Three different arrangements of birds, flowers, and foliage across this single bed linen.

On the left side is the close-up of the side view of a hummingbird hovering over a satin-stitched orange/yellow blossom on the pillowcase. I start off stitching him by using green threads on his main body with some white area around random short stitches which makes a cool feathery pattern.
Pillow 3 HummingBirds 03

I add horizontal feather stitches on the wings and tail in a deep purple. Then add random red stitching for his head cap area. Black lines emphasize the underside of his body shape, his beak and eye, and the individual feathers. Then turquoise blue is used to outline his upper body shape and wing tops. This hummingbird flying toward us is showing his underside to us with flowers behind. His wings and tail feathers begin in blue stitching.Pillow 3 HummingBirds 06 He is satin stitched in greens on his body and the wing tops along with a light amount of yellow highlight. His chest is a brilliant yellow and the underside of his throat is left white. Dark royal blue is used to outline the feathers on his outstretched wings.Pillow 3 HummingBirds 07

The third guy is a side view hummer sticking his beak into some pink and orange honeysuckle blossoms. His body is done in dark green with a small under-the-neck area of red. his wings are done in medium green with light green tops. Black is outlining his body shape and between his wing feathers. This has been a fun project for early spring as I wait for the real hummingbirds to arrive.

Pillow 3 HummingBirds 09

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