Brown & White Tablecloth

Brown White Table Cloth 05This is a simple brown & white tablecloth with off-white embroidery to embellish the edge and corners. The reason I chose this kit was, that I had just completed a tablecloth that had many different colored flosses throughout. I thought having only a single color would simplify and speed things up. I would not be stopping to change colors all the time. Ha, ha.

Brown White Table Cloth 01You can see that this table spread does only have embroidery on the edges and at each corner so the center of the table is plain. Consequently, I select this cloth whenever I want the food to be the star on a table or if I have a decorative doily or runner in the middle.

Brown White Table Cloth 04What I failed to take into account was the complex type of stitches utilized in this particular pattern. There is a lot of satin stitch and curvey outline along with mucho chain stitch. The most difficult stitch for me on this tablecloth was the “fishnet”. The fishnet starts with laying down thread then tacking it down at all of the intersecting points. It is a bit tricky and took a while for me to get comfortable with it.

Brown White Table Cloth 02All the edges of the tablecloth have a border of flower blossoms on curved stems with two leaves. The corners have a larger blossom arrangement with seven different shapes. Each blossom has 3 petals and a base filled with solid satin stitch. There are two lower petals in fishnet and outline stitches. There are 3 french knots inside of each flower. The curved stems connecting the flowers are done with a chain stitch. There are two leaves on the stem, one combines the fishnet with satin stitch, and the other is all satin stitch.

Embroidery Guides

There are many free embroidery guides on the internet if you search. I look them up whenever I find myself wondering about how to do a specific unfamiliar stitch. Two of the most complete and clear articles I have found recently are below.

Better Homes and Gardens

Good diagrams. Backstitch, Outline stitch, Blanket stitch, Chain stitch, Circular Couching stitch, Cross-stitch, Fly-stitch, French Knot, Lazy Daisy stitch, Offset Backstitch, Crossed Straight stitch, Pinwheel stitch, Running stitch, Satin stitch, Split stitch, Star stitch, Stem stitch, Straight stitch, Whipstitch. Seed stitch.

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