Water Tub in Winter

Water tub in the Winter

Chilly in the Garden

Our water tub is now an ice and snow tub instead because today is quite frigid. It is in the teens. This is my first stop at the garden every morning during the summer. I have dug a ditch behind it to water both the sunflowers and grapes when I empty it each morning. I ain’t going to empty anything now.

The dogs stand around and watch me as I refill it with fresh water for them to drink. They sure love freshwater. They also love to play with the hose water after the tub is full. Check out this post in the Outside Fun Blog, to see what Max does whenever you are sprinkling anything.

Bath Time

Well, I am also very sure that they really love being able to take a quick dip in the bath when they get too hot during the day. Hot summer days wear you out when you can’t get cooled down. That is why I have to change the water daily so they are not trying to drink dirty water that they have taken a dip in. Although, have you ever noticed that the dogs will pick the dirtiest puddle in the road to get a drink from when you are on a walk with them. Yuck.

Hello cold. Obviously, these examples are not relevant right now with these temperatures.  This tub is out of commission for the winter and loving it. The deer that drink out of this all summer long are now waterless and ice plentiful. I wonder how on earth they get enough water during the winter. Can you imagine how hard it would be to walk through the snow to get a drink out of a stream? Cause any standing water is solid for sure. Bummer.

We are so spoiled by all the modern conveniences we have. Running water indoors, hot water and heating systems that are not hard to maintain. There are so many things that I take for granted every day.

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