IRS Break

Wood Slash Pile after the burn.IRS Break. The Internal Revenue Service is giving fire victims a break in filing their taxes. It is not much but they have extended dates to file and pay taxes and are pointing out ways to get copies of previous tax returns for free along with checking out how to file for losses. We also have a new label, “4759-DR” to put on all of our tax paperwork. FUN, FUN, FUN. Simply do all of this while you burn the monstrous slash piles in the mud and cold.

You can file your taxes later, WOW!
June 17, 2024

WE ARE DISASTER RELIEF 4759. Remember to identify your return as a FEMA Disaster individual by putting “4759-DR” in bold at the top of your return. That is our number here in Spokane Washington.

The article mentions relief programs available as we deal with losses incurred. This Internal Revenue Service announcement explains all of it. These also affect businesses located in the area, or that serve the disaster areas. In the announcement, there are links to declarations, affected areas, forms, and booklets to explain how to complete forms. It is all typical “LEGALEEZE” and utterly fun to read. NOT really!

FEMA 4759-DR

Federal Emergency Management Agency declaration. See the previous post to find out where to go locally to fill out your FEMA and SBA applications.


Current List of Disaster Relief Locations

The first link is the same declaration link as mentioned above. The second link takes you to a similar announcement page that has been slightly reworded, and it outlines similar information about the changed due dates.


In a federally declared disaster area, we have the option to claim disaster-related losses on our federal tax return. On our 2022 return, we have till October 15, 2024, to make this kind of claim.

Publication 547, Casualties, Disasters, Theft” is the How-To direction book to fill out this form. It is a 31-page booklet in PDF format, and it is also available in Ebook format which will allow searching.

Form 4684 directions


IRS has decided to waive the usual fees that they charge for sending us copies of previous tax returns that burned up in the fire. Isn’t that special?

FORM 4506 – Request for a Copy of Tax Return
FORM 4506T – Request for Transcript of Tax Return

I will order as far back as possible (7 years at least). Then we have information if they decide to audit us later on.

Tax Values

Before the fireLAND TAX VALUES

Does your burnt-out vacant land have the same tax value as a same-sized parcel that was not destroyed in the Oregon Road wildfire? They are being taxed at the same rates.

LandValueBurnt with info about this to take with you to the TOWN HALL MEETING ON TUESDAY, NOV 28th at 6pm.  The Country Church of the Open Bible.

After the fire

The Spokane County Assessor’s Office says, there will be no adjustments to lower tax rates for parcels in the wildfires.
Can we sell the “before” property for the same price as the “after” property?


There will be years of backbreaking physical labor needed to replant enough to restore the beauty of our forest lands destroyed in Elk. Not many buyers will sign up for this kind of job. Selling for a full-value purchase price is really not likely for the properties that are burned out. Our taxes on the land should reflect the “true and fair market value” accordingly. Our taxes should be reduced as we have to work to restore the forest over the next 3 years.