RHS Meeting Notes 08.29.2023

Outside the RHS meeting at Riverside High School

RHS Meeting

(Riverside) Tues 08/29/23-6pm

According to Spokane County and the Federal Government…

We were there to learn what hoops we need to jump through before we can start to clean up?

Multiple chiefs stood up announcing the procedures required before we could start cleaning up and start over with the goal of making a warm and secure place to stay this winter.

Red Cross, FEMA an State assessment teams will be in our area. Information was presented about another newly setup non-profit “federal committee”, who needs to get a count of how many are affected and how badly affected they are. This data is needed so they can assemble the information and write a complicated report to submit to President BYEden so he can consider allowing FEMA support for our disaster. Sounds like lots of red-tape, data collection with very little noticeable results for the average member of our community. They will have all of that info at hand to try and distribute any donations they find with the focus on the making sure the benefits are distributed evenly. They will be the distributors, with not much for the working middle class of the Elk community, if any

The Sheriff would like to ask that we do not confront or threaten these strangers, some will be escourted by a uniformed officer. Let them collect their disaster data on our properties. If you witness a crime call Crimecheck: at 509..456.2233

Fire Marshall, Jared Harms reported the evacuations are lifted by Monday everywhere an the team will be moving on to othere locations leaving the local teams here to finish mopping up..

Josh Kerns County Commissioner -District 3


Mon-Fri 8:30-5, Phone: 509.477.2265

Spokane County, 1116 W Broadway Ave, Spokane WA 99260 Kerns annonced that any building plans not submitted and approved before October 29, 2023 will fall victim to more stringent bulding codes that go into effect on that date. We are running out of time to be able to rebuld without having more difficuclt codes to adhere to during reconstruction.

The Spokane County Waste Management Team laid down the law for debris removal for people using County landfills. It was strongly stressed that an asbestos test is foremost in their presentation, repeatedly. They admitted that there was already a waiting line for purchasing any asbestos test kits and that the same kind of line exists for people waiting to receive results The same situation was relayed about procuring any services of an asbestos abatement contractor, should you discover asbestos is present. No prices of these requirements were made available at the meeting.

Sunshine Disposal & Recycling

https://sunshinedisposal.com, PO Box 13369, Spokane Valley WA

Phone: 509.934.5678 answers with “the mailbox is full, cannot accept messages at this time”.

This firm is in charge of the transportation portion of the Spokane County Waste Disposal System Plan. Contact them first for instructions on what you have to do to utilize the Spokane County “waste disposal system”.

Be sure to take your wallet with you because nothing that they were describing as “required”, is free.

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