Restoring Electric & Water

Restoring water, and electrical are the first steps our family needs to take in recovering from the Oregon Road Wildfire disaster. Pete called the man who drilled our well first, at Pat’s Pumps 509/292-2322. He is who we have called to fix it whenever something went wrong over the past 25 years. Pat went out the next day to inspect how bad it was, then called us back telling us what we need to do.

Temporary Power Hookup – First, get temporary power to the pump is what Pat said. So, we called Inland Power 509/747-7151 to find out what we would need to do. You can download their specs on how to put a “temporary meter box” post in. Here is a copy of the drawing that outlines what is required  at | New Construction | (drop down list) New Construction | Construction Specs |Temporary Underground Service Thank goodness Pete knows electrical. If it was just me I’d have to hire an electrician to buy the right materials and put them together for the installation of the pole for the meter box.

Inland Power will handle from the pole to the transformer and transformer to meter base.

Excavation work has to be done. Take care of both the electrical line access to the pump and digging up the water lines from the well (at the same time) and save money by paying for one equipment rental or using elbow grease only once. Waterline from the well to the pressure tank (repair or replacement) at the same time. Pressure tank to house service is checked next.

Powerline needs to go in from the house to the well using a rented ditch digger (trencher) following the specs from Inland in conduit.

A New Pumphouse is Needed – Build a new pump house because the well mechanisms need protection from the elements. They can’t freeze or get wet.

Will you need to order a new pressure tank? Ask someone you can trust. Pat will order that and bill us for it, or tell Pete what we need to go get. Any reputable pump service will gladly supply you with how much their materials and labor are going to cost, up front.

When the electrical and water lines are exposed and the pumphouse is replaced then the well contactor will come back to pull the pump up, check it out, and rewire it. 

Spokane Tax Assessors

Appraiser Humor
The cartoon above was found on Tom Konis’ FaceBook page ( A prime example of Appraiser humor.

Tax Budget Mysteries

Spokane Tax Assessors (Tom Konis) had this cartoon on his FaceBook page. Revealing?

Did you know that the Assessor’s Office is given a total dollar amount to generate for each fiscal year? Who it is, that gives Spokane County this number to collect, has not yet been discovered. That is just another topic that this FreedomPod in NE Washington needs to do a search and rescue research mission and then broadcast for you.


Spoco Percentage Tax Increase 22-23

“Fair market values” are then set, by using percentage amounts across different regions of the County and basically dividing up portions of the pot between citizens that live there. Above is an image displaying the regional percentage divisions that tax rates will increase next year. Check how much more you will pay next year. The Spokane County Assessor’s Office’s basis for calculating a property’s “fair market value” is that they must generate this total dollar value.

We live in Elk, Washington and the percentage of increase will be 27.98% in this region, our taxes will be going up an additional 27.98% next year. Hmmm. In the past 3 years, they have escalated 100% already, doubling. Now, I can look forward to another 1/3’rd raise even if the housing market dives. Hmmm.

Want Change?

The entire process that figures out how much to assess and where to spend our property tax dollars has very little voter involvement at this time. This is really not good. For things to improve, as taxpayers, we need to become aware of and be active participants in what is going on.

These decision-makers have no one holding them accountable for unreasonable decisions that affect our lives.

We must educate ourselves to stop this. Am I willing to take what steps are necessary to pay attention to and counter unreasonable tax levies? YES. We will share what is found on this blog. We will also begin recruiting others interested in making a positive change.

Remember! If our elected officials are not voted back into office they can not continue to impose unwarranted taxes on us. Organizing and voting is the most important citizen action we can take. BTW, Tom Konis got back into office running unopposed. What a shame. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone who is a working-class citizen in this position instead of a Realtor? See, Conflict of Interest here.


Property Tax Information

Taxpayer Town MeetingProperty Tax Information

The Spokane County Assessor Website

are Application Forms
  • 2022 Application Packet
  • 2021 Exemption Brochure
  • Proof of Disability Statement
  • Declaration of Trust
  • Income Threshold for 2019_Prior, and 2020-2024

Tax Law Information:

WA State Legislator, RCWs > Title 84 > Chapter 84.36 > Section 84.36.383 ,

The Social Security Act, Sections 223(d)(2)(A), Disability,