Inland Power Gift 9.5.2023

Middle of Bridges Rd travelling toward Elk Post Office.


We got an Inland Power Gift today. What I thought was a bill, was actually a great blessing after the Oregon Road Wildfire disaster. This letter is NOT A BILL, or advertisement, so for goodness sake, do not throw it away!

Until our services are rebuilt or restored Inland is stopping our bills. We have some time to get our stuff together and recover from this fire with a 2-year grace period from (the date of the fire) August 18, 2023 thru to August 18, 2025. Here is their number if you’d like to call and thank them 509/789-4277.


If I choose to build back the way it was before the fire there will be no charge to restore power lines and transformers. What a wonderfully generous gift! We paid right around $5,600 to install electric to our home 9 years ago, so Pete and I know it is at least that much of a savings for us. So, very blessed!

If someone opts to make changes, then new construction charges can apply.

It is reassuring to  know exactly what to expect and having the costs involved with starting over so greatly reduced is appreciated.

Above and Beyond

The Inland Power employees got together and made a collection to give each of us the “Yokes” card at the bottom of the letter.

We are all so truly blessed.

Thank you Inland Power!!!

Resource Fair at Riverside Elementary Gym

We went to the Resource Fair at Riverside Elementary Gym from 5:30-7:30 on Tuesday Night. There were tables setup with people handing out supplies and signing you up for programs to assist with recovery from this disaster.
The Samaritans Purse representatives, talked with us about what they do. If you sign upwith them, they will call and schedule a team of volunteers that come in and help go through all the rubble. They only will come out while the owners are present. They wear neon orange shirts carrying ID badges with their names and pictures. Goal is to assist us in getting closure by looking for specific heirloom possessions as they help begin cleaning it up. They will ask you to try and show them where any specific possession may have been located when the structure collapsed. Pete and I signed up to have them come help us as we start cleaning up. It has a surprisingly calming effect to know that someone will be there to help with going through all the debris. We are not alone. Please consider making a call and getting some help too.

The resources were a wider range of assistance. Right as you walked in the door there were boxes of food stacked from Second Harvest, the next table had School backpacks and student supplies with a spin-the-dial for the kids.

CHAS Clinics had a table there with neon green water bottles, and informaion about what medical services they can provide. Very helpful.

The New Hope Resource Center and North County Food Bank had a representative with information about what they provide to serve the community.

SNAP had a table there with phamplets and a knowledgeable guy who was really easy to talk to. If all we were doing was repair, or weatherization we would have been willing to sign up for their programs.

The Church of Latter Day Saints had school supplies for the kids, manned by two very nice girls from here in Riverside.

It is a true blessing to be able to realize how many in our community shine the light of kindness into every day of their lives. The world is better because they are alive.