2023.01.17 Pete’s Bills

Pete’s Bills is a short list of important bills that have been read and should be testified on in his opinion.If you are one of those who is happy to sit back on the couch and only complain after a law is in effect, this is probably not enjoyable reading for you. Continue reading “2023.01.17 Pete’s Bills”

…this Week’s Bills

cartoon by Adam Zyglis

This Week’s bills are quite plentiful. Here are 4 of the most interesting ones listed below. I am hoping, you will become an activist letting the Legislators know what you think. Please comment on them using the links below, if you want to. The comments below are my own.


Pro 5045 Incentivizing rental of accessory dwelling units
In order to help solve the housing shortage quickly, an owner can improve and rent accessory dwelling units to low-income. Rent for these households must not exceed 30% of their income. This is all done under the incentive of getting a tax exemption on the unit while renting to people in the 60% AMI level of poverty. I do have one question. Would the owner have to then burn the place down after the low-income tenant moves to prevent being crucified by taxes the following year?


Con 5599 Youth seeking protected health care services
This bill sets $7.5 million aside for children to be able to run away and seek gender change medical services without parental consent. It also allows the center or residence where they stay to not have to let the parents know that they are there. I disagree because I believe a parent has the responsibility to protect their children, and the right to direct their children as they are growing up. When a person becomes an adult, they are fully able to make their own choices then.

Con 5484 Washington food production, improve. voluntary environ. stewardship
You are putting in place a commission to promote the Green New Deal. Farms are one of the best stewards in the use of carbon on the planet. Science shows that plants use carbon in growth and they also store carbon in the soil. Your bill wants farmers to build and use carbon storage tanks. This is not needed and very large waste. This is a commission that is purposely set up as a way to shut down farming by imposing restrictions on fuel use and equipment. It is another Government Overreach Program.

Con 5624 Implementing recommendations for substance use recovery services advisory committee
Absolutely no! Legalizing the possession of a controlled substance will not help to improve our community at all. Police have their hands tied by this as they go around addicted encampments. Instead of imprisoning law-breaking addicts, we are now directed to refer them to treatment only. There are no consequences.

Intake and recovery counseling is an expensive process Unfortunately, it is only successful if the individual decides to actually make a change in their own life. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make that horse drink! I know that we the people will end up paying for all of this with tax increases. This bill includes plans to provide a directory of treatment options available and begin the building of treatment/recovery service locations across the state (within a 2 hr drive). Building these addiction recovery homes and then training the staff will cost a great deal.

THE WORST PROVISION IN THIS BILL—Removes the requirement or right to have a public hearing for the community’s participation before a treatment program is built in their midst (quoted below).

“A requirement for DOH to hold a public hearing in a community where an OTP opioid treatment program is proposed to be located is removed.”

This is another expensive program that does not allow public voting, and it is criminal. I can not give my support to a bill that punishes the public in order to be able to pamper the criminal.