Avoid Increased Building Costs

Do you want to avoid increased building costs involved with the “NEW BUILDING CODES”? Then it is imperative that you accomplish the following steps BEFORE OCTOBER 19TH, 2023.

New building codes will be going into effect on October 29, 2023. One of the most dangerous parts of those new codes is the;

…removal of your right to freely choose to use propane as a source of energy and/or heat in your home.

In our community, this edict could easily be a death sentence in the middle of winter. We historically loose electrical power for extended periods of time during sub-zero freezing weather.


  1. Using the “destroyed property” reduced (form), we will signup to get the tax valuation. See a previous blog article explaining thought on that, 3 -Year-Tax-Break for Disaster Victims
  2. We have already drawn a plot diagram of our land and marked where our “destroyed home” had been and also noted where water, septic and temporary electric are located.
  3. We plan to fill-out demolition permit paperwork at the Spokane County Building Department Office. The cost for half a year long demolition permit has been reduced, from $325 to $25. We don’t need an asbestos permit to file this paperwork, because we can get it later (see #5). This demolition permit can later be changed into a building permit. Again, protection from the new more expensive codes forced in the October 29th edition.
  4. Construction permit paperwork, if we can not get it done in time (submitted before Oct 29th, 2023) we face a, “NO PROPANE” dismal situation.
  5. ASBESTOS TEST? Is there is a mortgage on your home? We are going to check with our Mortgage Company to ask them to pay for the testing. They are required to have asbestos testing in their insurance coverage for each home loan. If they do not have this, then call The Office of the Insurance Commissioner at 800-562-6900 and report them.

Gas Prices

surprised girlGas Prices

The skyrocketing gas pump prices make it difficult to even consider taking a relaxing scenic drive anymore. During the past couple of weeks, I drove around painting beautiful scenes outside. The smile did not leave my face, and the only downer I felt was at the gas pump. I could not remember when was the last time I went for a drive. American freedoms could soon become a thing of the past.The American Response to the Great Reset

To understand what is behind all of this check out this little booklet, “The American Response to the Great Reset“, written by Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA. It is a short 39-pager that explains it so it is easy to understand. This is the best-condensed reference I have found on the subject.

With the COVID health crisis announcements of fear 24/7. We switch to an ecology-driven scare tactic by the government.

LIE #1 – Electric Transportation

In order to save our planet we must use “electric/mass-transit” transportation.

Governmental overreach initiates tax hikes on fuels. A basic “strong-arm”, budget-enforced isolation move. “If they can’t afford gas then we can make them quit driving.”


  • Less pollution (except when you look at the battery manufacturing & disposal)


  • Expensive electrical grid improvements
  • Expensive initial vehicle purchase
  • The battery is hazardous materials, with short charge life, costly to replace
  • Wheels are low mileage, high-cost replacement

This is not possible until we build a grid capable of supporting increased demand and recharging stations across the nation.

LIE #2 – Windmills/Solar Panels/Water

We can save the planet using Wind/Solar/Water alternative energies.

Sounds great until you look at what these alternative systems can supply along with what they require in real life. “We will outlaw fossil fuels and only allow alternate energies to force them to stop using fossil fuels.”


  • Wind, solar, and water are renewable sources


  • Wind/Solar/Water inadequate or sporadic (weather)
  • Wind/Solar/Water decreased performance
  • Wind/Solar/Water parts are rarely recyclable
  • Windmills are an expensive initial purchase
  • Wind turbines kill birds
  • Wind vane high-cost replacement and hazardous materials
  • Solar panel high-cost replacement and hazardous materials
  • Water damns affect migrating salmon

Manipulation by lawmakers is a crime, it is a dictatorship. Passing laws without constituent approval, that severely limits travel ability, but have no effect on a politician’s chosen mode of travel is wrong.

It really bugs me when I see the smiling fools in Washington DC hop onto a jet plane, helicopter, or limousine for another vacation or night out that is paid for by our tax dollars. They do not stand at the pump and pay upwards of $5 per gallon for their limo fuel, we pay for that fuel too.