Charlie Kirk

American Response to The Great Reset, A Turning Point USA Publication

Charlie Kirk and the Turning Point USA organization is a must-read for increasing your understanding of how things work. Friends from our association with the John Birch Society invited us to go see a speaker named, “Charlie Kirk” at a Valley church in Spokane. On YouTube, he has podcasts that our friends listen to on a regular basis. He was one of the best speakers we have heard.

A Must Read

The Great Reset
American Response to The Great Reset, A Turning Point USA Publication

One of the most helpful books that we got was entitled, “The American Response to The Great Reset“. On their website this book is available for a single donation, you will be glad you got it. This is a thin paperback that is an easy-read with only 39 pages.

The Great Reset TOC
The American Response to The Great Reset, A Turning Point USA Publication TOC

What is at the root of what is going on today in politics? With just one afternoon of reading, your entire outlook will turn around. Gladly, you will not be able to ignore what is going on anymore, because you will no longer be unaware. You will understand a lot more. Behind-the-scenes policies are driving the political climate in today’s world. The pictures above show the book cover and the table of contents page.

Turning Point USA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2012 by Charlie Kirk. The organization’s mission is to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.

The College Scam
The College Scam by Charlie Kirk

The College Scam” by Charlie Kirk addresses so much about a college education that you really should delve into this one if you are putting your child through college.

The College Scam TOC
The College Scam by Charlie Kirk TOC

John Birch Society

New American
New American November 14, 2022

We joined The John Birch Society because it believes in working for less Government, and upholds the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Another reason we are members of JBS, is that they are a Christian-based organization. The information that the John Birch Society constantly sends us helps so much in our journey to learn about how to monitor our elected officials.

Pictured above is their twice-a-month magazine, “The New American“. I try to read all of it before the next one comes. The reading that needs to be done is a lot but I am hoping that soon we will be able to join together and split the work between us. You read that one, and I’ll read this one, and we each will make a brief outline to share with everyone.

With all this increased effort of reading all this, I am learning enough of the terms that when I talk to professionals at this I am understanding more. How many acronyms are there in the world? Really?

In addition to this magazine, we get emails about important things happening that usually have a podcast or video we can watch about whatever notice it is. JBS also tells us about things we can attend. If they are close, we try to make a point of going because it is amazing what you can learn from people in person. There are many helpful shortcuts to wade through the information.

Become Active

The Activist's Handbook
The Activist’s Handbook – Learn how to: Restore freedom, take the offensive, change the debate & hold elected officials responsible, by Tom DeWeese

Our resolution for 2023 is to become ACTIVE in our local politics and not sit back to just complain. My husband and I are two typical working-class citizens, who always make an effort to vote responsibly. Voting alone is not enough as corruption invades our freedoms. Government overreach has spiraled way out of hand. Our votes are not honestly counted.

Our own laziness and failure to learn the ropes, have allowed this situation to escalate. The government is betting on the citizens not pushing back. They take steps to make it difficult to participate. Our freedoms fall prey to big money and its lobbyists who have worked tirelessly to set things up for their greedy motives. No one is manning the gate and there are no consequences if we don’t act now.

Have laws passed that you would never vote for?


We were fortunate to be able to travel over to Coeur d’Alene ID one evening, early in December 2022 to learn from an impressive speaker. We are so grateful for the great wake-up and smell-the-coffee call for Peter and me.

Tom DeWeese, is the founder of the American Policy Center, His name and his organization and a lot of the topics he presented to us were totally unfamiliar. With a little more reading a lot is revealed. Check out, “Agenda 21“, which is a topic we had not even been aware of.

Tom DeWeese has been a protector of American Liberties and a supporter of Less Government for over 4 decades. Living on the east coast, he is responsible for a lot of the successful citizen movements successfully taking place. He is the author of many books, search on Google, or Amazon and see for yourself.

We purchased one of his books at the lecture, entitled, “THE ACTIVIST’S HANDBOOK – How to Fight Back In Your Community“. This book is $89 on Amazon but on the site, it is $35. We are using this textbook as a guide to activate ourselves in our community. Tom DeWeese, talks about establishing a Freedom Pod and that is what we doing.

Join Us

Please come if you are interested in joining us in this effort. We are meeting on Tuesday night at 6:30 pm, at the Country Church of the Open Bible in Elk Washington. Come as you are. We will discuss initial setup needs, the best times to meet, and what current books, meetings, and classes are available.

Influence on Olympia

Time For ActionDo we have any influence on Olympia?

We certainly can if we apply ourselves and do some learning. If you are like I am, discussing politics can really get confusing very easily. But, luckily I am doing something about this overwhelming confusion by learning what is going on gradually. As citizens, we do have a right to be able to Influence Olympia.

Influencing Olympia Effectively

A Course for Activists

This course is one of my first steps. You can signup and view the videos at your own pace and it is FREE. It teaches you how to navigate their ominous Legislative website at www.LEG.WA.GOV.

When you signup be sure to click on both options to receive info… it’s a must before going forward. This is a FREE online course to learn how to interact with our legislators of Washington state.

After taking this course you will be able to participate effectively. Look forward to never being surprised about a new bill passed that you never would have wanted to be passed. Preparing for this new session we can find out about bills in time to join in voicing our opinions before they are voted on. We can actively participate.

Spokane County Republican Central Committee
Monthly on the first Tuesday of the month
Tuesday, February 7th, 6-8pm
Spokane GOP, 901 N. Monroe, Suite 335, Spokane, WA 99201, USA
Parking is not good downtown, so carpooling is a good idea and so is early arrival to guarantee you can get a seat. We will be attending so contact us if you’d like to share rides.

Wondering what “GOP” stands for? I certainly did. Grand Old Party. Really. Hmmm.
check out the definition at (



Does this situation seem like a Tax Assessor Conflict-Of-Interest to you? We pay the Board members (Realtors) to work in a government setting where they are in charge of setting the values and making the rules for taxes on the real estate that they can sell. The Board Members of the Spokane Tax Assessors Office are Realtors & Realty Brokers except for one who is a Lawyer specializing in Real Estate Law.  I did not make this up! It is information buried in the Washington, Spokane County website (see links below). You just have to be willing to go on a search and rescue mission to locate it.

Meet the Board Members

How Much Money?

Let’s see, 6% of $250k equals a commission of $15k in commission,
but that same 6% on a $450k valued home sale comes to $27k in commission,
and that same 6% on a $650k valued home sale comes to $39k in commission.Realtor Commissions

With property values escalating so quickly, many may be unable to cover the increased cost of taxes. It is likely that they will lose their homes. A forced sale of your home to cover taxes is not a happy event in anyone’s life. Then, having to move somewhere else in this “housing-shortage” market, is a sentence to start over in a rental for most displaced homeowners. Taxpayer resentment after losing all those years of work to have their own home is not easily forgotten.

A tyrannical government sets paths to focus on low-income, fixed-income, and/or the elderly. Taxpayers’ non-involvement could very likely allow more to fall prey to this crooked setup. Losing a home at any stage of life due to out-of-control government greed is an atrocity. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Ridiculous Tax Inflation

Sky-Rocketing Tax Values

The Spokane County Tax Assessment Office crafted its own ridiculous tax inflation rates this year raising our property values by over $100,000 dollars. Does that sound reasonable to you?

We called to request a correction and the appraiser came out took pictures and ended up sending us a corrected assessment with a measly $2,000 reduction. As originally stated this is ridiculous! It is not a true or fair market value for our place, so we will have to appeal it. Filing an appeal will not be easy, but, we have to do something because this rapid inflation cripples us financially. Not a fund task at all.

Starting at the Spokane County of Washington State homepage URL ““. Their homepage is built for people already familiar with all government offices, it is not helpful to the general public. I used a search for “property tax appeal” to find what department was correct to get information to start an appeal. Following is the information I was able to locate.

Appeal & Change in Value Forms

This page lists PDF forms that you can download to do an appeal.

General Outline of Appeal Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet the Board Members

Did you know that the Board Members of the Spokane Tax Assessor are all Realtors/Brokers except for one who is a Lawyer specializing in Real Estate? Does this look like a Conflict-Of-Interest?????

Parcel Information Search (SCOUT)

Preparing an Appeal

In the Beginning…

The Activist's Handbook
The Activist’s Handbook – Learn how to: Restore freedom, take the offensive, change the debate & hold elected officials responsible, by Tom DeWeese

In the Beginning… we were oblivious. But now we have grown discontent as our freedoms have disappeared more and more. At first, we thought it was because of COVID. But, this comical disregard for our freedoms in the Constitution and our Bill of Rights is absolutely NO ACCIDENT!m it is very intentional.

It has become apparent in the past couple of years that our government officials have no qualms about sabotaging our way of life. They will do anything at all to achieve their own agenda. With property taxes skyrocketing, many of us are facing the possibility of losing the homes we worked so hard to obtain. Left unrestrained the politicians and people in power could easily make our lives, homes and freedoms totally disappear if we don’t do something. It feels as though our hands are bound but we can still do something about this. It is no longer, “In the beginning…”

Seeing Tom DeWeese speak in Coeur d’Alene ID in December 2022 was a brilliant citizen wake-up call. We bought two of Tom’s books after the meeting,

The Activists Handbook TOC
The Activists Handbook TOC by American Policy Center

“The Activist’s Handbook” is pictured at the top of this post, this is the Table of Contents for The Activist’s Handbook.

Sustainable by Tom DeWeese, The War on Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individuals

and here is another essential book to read, “Sustainable” by Tom DeWeese.

Sustainable TOC
Sustainable by Tom DeWeese, The War on Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individuals TOC

My husband and I have begun doing our best to participate in making as much change as we can from here on out. Might as well give it our best try.



Don’t Miss THURSDAY!


Don’t miss Thursay! Please join us 5-7pm at Riverside High School to meet Senator Mike Padden (R) and discuss laws and policies affecting us here. Our representatives need us to tell them what we want them to do.

Chances are that you received this card in the mailbox and promptly threw it in the circular file before even reading it. Well, with so many political advertisements stuffing the box, it gets real easy to throw them away. Pete and I have certainly been guilty of that one, for sure. However, we need to be more careful about what we casually discard in these times. Aren’t you tired of how things are going? Take a positive step and attend this free meeting to begin making a difference.

Do you believe that US citizens should have a voice in how the government treats us?

Speak up and participate in communicating responsibly with our elected officials. Meet other people in the local community that may have similar concerns as yourself. Successfully create a network to work together and change things. Peter and I are becoming more involved in taxes, appointed committees, and laws that are affecting our rural way of life. Contact us with any questions you may have.


If you do nothing, then it is guaranteed that nothing at all will change.

We the People…


Homeless Solutions

Homeless Solutions Durrett Chas 007Homeless Solutions were the topic. Thursday night was chilly at Whitworth college but the lecture hall was warm and full of concerned local residents. There weren’t many seats left open. New Hope Resource Center in Colbert WA invited renowned architect/author, Charles Durrett to speak. He began by pointing out that 206 homeless people died last year in Spokane. The deaths aren’t the only problem, there are significant additional costs to our community each year because of homelessness. Costs of $30-60k per homeless person are incurred for increased emergency medical services, law enforcement, and incarceration events. Solving the homeless problem may not be free of charge, but, doing something about it now makes a lot of sense.

Durrett Chas 001

Durrett shared about many of the successful “village” projects he has designed around the world. These communities have produced so many positive outcomes. He shared the grassroots strategies used to enable “doing something now” about homelessness, instead of waiting for a bureaucracy to move on to finding a solution.

Durrett Chas 003Communities voluntarily have worked together to handle finances, planning, and permits, along with materials and labor costs. Working together they have successfully built communities where homeless people have a roof over their heads with a locking door. By providing a safe place to live we allow a person to connect with neighbors and build a community. “Villages” become a place of transition where disconnected homeless people can manage themselves, and then become part of society again.

Durrett Chas 006Charles Durrett revealed methods to solve homelessness now. He talked with many people afterward. We left with a mood full of hope and the motivation to step out and make a difference. Become a part of Homeless Solutions in Spokane WA, and attend a public meeting tomorrow at the North Spokane County Library starting at 9:30 am.

Homeless Solutions
9:30 Saturday
November 5th, 2022
at the
North Spokane County Library
44 E Hawthorne Rd

north spokane library


Assessor’s Board Members

 Tom KONISTom Konis, Spokane Tax Collector is on Facebook.

Meet the Assessor’s Board Members

Did you know that the Board Members of the Spokane Tax Assessor are Realtors/and or/Brokers except for one who is a Lawyer specializing in Real Estate? Does this look like a Conflict-Of-Interest to you? We have Realtors appraising the value of our property at inflated values that in turn will create an increase in the amount of their commission when they sell your place. Sounds like insider trading to me.